The Beatles: The greatest thing to happen to music

  1. Paul McCartney: Bass Guitar, Vocals
  2. John Lennon: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
  3. George Harrison: Lead Guitar, Vocals
  4. Ringo Starr: Drums, Vocals

  5. The Beatles Website:This website contains everything you could ever want to know about the beatles, including, album and song information as well as merchandise and blogs.
    1.Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club
    One of the best records of all time. It changed the face of music and showed that popular music could be full of rich instruments and big band music. the album contained songs that in years to come would be known as some of the greatest songs in the world. From lucy in the sky with diamonds to with a little help from my friends this album changed everything. Lucy in the sky with diamonds is a revolutionary and psychedelic song that some believes is about the drug LSD. I hope you listen to the album and enjoy it.
    2.Introducing. . .The Beatles
    The beatles first album release in the U.S. took the country by storm. With catchy songs such as twist and shout that would make even the stiffest of people want to get up and dance. To songs such as when love me do which make you just want to letdown and hold the one you love.
    3.Magical Mystery Tour
    One of the most famous albums from the beatles. It had some of my favorite songs from the beatles such as the fool on the hill and i am the walrus. The album was so successful that it was even turned into a movie starring the beetles.

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