Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

  1. Will Ferrel - Ron Burgundy
  2. Christina Applegate - Veronica Corningstone
  3. Paul Rudd - Brian Fantana
  4. Steve Carell - Brick Tamland
  5. David Koechner - Champ Kind
  6. Fred Willard - Ed Harken
  7. Chris Parnell - Garth Holliday
  8. Seth Rogen - Eager Cameraman

  9. Anchorman IMDB:This website contains everything you could ever want to know about the movie and its actors.
    Anchorman Summary
    Ron Burgundy is a top-rated anchorman in the 1970's; that is, until the feminism movement begins and an ambitious newswoman shows up, threatening everything he has come to stand for. What will he do to reclaim his top title as well as deal with the misery of having a women take over as head anchor.

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