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The Buddhist-Christian Studies Database (BCSD) contains citations to articles, essays, books, and dissertations about the historical and contemporary encounter between the Buddhist and Christian traditions. Before entering BCSD, it is recommended that you read the Search Tips page.

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About BCSD

BCSD is an open access database on the World Wide Web developed by and for researchers. When completed, the dates of BCSD's coverage of the scholarly literature will be correspond with the publication years of Buddhist-Christian Studies: 1981 to the present. The reason for the same time period is because BCSD's subject scope has been defined by the subject scope and content of Buddhist-Christian Studies, the journal of the Society for Buddhist Christian Studies. Since 1987, the Society has brought together some of the foremost scholars, activists, and practitioners involved in the dialogue between these two great religious traditions, and its journal serves as a record of the scholarly discussion about the Buddhist-Christian encounter.

As of August 2005, BCSD's coverage is 1995-2005. The major academic disciplines covered are theology, religious studies, philosophy, and history, although articles from other disciplines are included. Many of the 700+ citations are to articles appearing in over 130 journals. Most of the items cited in BCSD are in English.

As part of the Boston College Libraries' Digital Library, BCSD is a freely available resource designed to assist scholars doing research in this subject area, and a contribution to the open access movement in online publishing. For more information about open access, see Peter Suber's Open Access Overview which describes many of the issues addressed by open access advocates.

Scholars using BCSD are able to:

  • Search the database by author, title, keyword, and other citation data.
  • Sort and print search results.
  • Export search results for use with citation management software like EndNote.
  • Submit to the database editor corrections and additions to BCSD.
  • Submit citations and web links to essays freely available on the author's web site or in an institutional repository.

Please e-mail all citations, web links, comments, and suggestions to the database editor: Jonas Barciauskas (barciaus@bc.edu).

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