Beacon Satellite Symposium Program


Sunday, June 3rd

04:00 – 06:00 PM – Early Registration in the Lobby of 90 More Drive

06:00 PM Welcome Barbecue (Robsham Plaza, across from 90 More Drive)

Monday, June 4th

07:30 Registration in The Atrium at Fulton Hall

08:00 – 08:15 Welcome and introductions, Dr. Leitinger, Ms. Doherty, Fulton 511

08:15 – 08:45 A Tribute to Dr. Jules Aarons on his 80th birthday, Fulton 511

Mr. John Klobuchar, Innovative Solutions International

Session 1: Scintillation Effects on L-Band Communication and Navigation Signals – Fulton 511

Chair: Dr. Santimay Basu, Air Force Research Laboratory, US

08:45 – 08:50 Introduction, Dr. Santimay Basu

12:00 – 13:30 Lunch

Session 2A: Scintillation Studies, Fulton 230

Chair: Dr. Elizabeth Essex, La Trobe University, Australia

13:30 – 13:35 Introduction, Dr. Elizabeth Essex

Session 2B: GPS Occultation Studies, Fulton 250

Chair: Dr. Norbert Jakowski, DLR, Germany

13:30 – 13:35 Introduction, Dr. Norbert Jakowski

19:30 Cocktail Reception at The Castle

Hosted by Professor Michael Mendillo and The Boston University Center for Space Physics

Tuesday, June 5th

07:30 - … Registration in The Atrium at Fulton Hall

Session 3A Part 1: Observations and Predictions Part 1, Fulton 230

Chair: Dr. Anthea Coster, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

08:10 – 08:15 Introduction, Dr. Anthea Coster

Session 3A Part 2: Models and Measurements, Fulton 230

Chair: Dr. Graham Bailey, University of Sheffield, UK

10:25 – 10:30 Introduction, Dr. Graham Bailey

Session 3B: Ionospheric Tomography Studies at Trough and Higher Latitudes, Fulton 250

Chair: Dr. Ed Fremouw, North West Research Associates, US

08:10 – 08:15 Introduction, Dr. Ed Fremouw

Session 4: Poster Session with Boxed Lunch (The Heights Room, New Dining Hall / lower campus)

12:30 – 15:00 Poster session with boxed lunch

Session 5A: Ionospheric Storm Studies, Fulton 230

Chair: Ms. Patricia Doherty, Boston College, US

15:00 – 15:05 Introduction, Ms. Patricia Doherty

Session 5B: Ionospheric Tomography, Fulton 250

Chair, Dr. Len Kersley University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK

15:00 – 15:05 Introduction, Dr. Len Kersley

Wednesday, June 6th

07:30 Registration in The Atrium at Fulton Hall

Session 6A: Ionospheric Effects on Satellite based Augmentation Systems, Fulton 230

Chair: Dr. M. Bakry El-Arini, The MITRE Corporation, US

08:10 – 08:15 Introduction, Dr. M. Bakry El-Arini

Session 7: GPS Geodesy and Time Transfer, Fulton 230

Chair: Dr. Richard Langley, University of New Brunswick, Canada

11:25 – 11:30 Introduction, Dr. Richard Langley

Session 6B: Observations and Predictions Part 2, Fulton 250

Chair, Dr. P V S Rama Rao, Andhra Univeristy, India

08:10 – 08:15 Introduction, Chair: Dr. P V S Rama Rao

12:10 – 13:30 Lunch

Session 8: New Research Opportunities, Fulton 511

Chair: Dr. Reinhart Leitinger, University of Graz, Austria

13:30 – 13:35 Introduction, Dr. Reinhart Leitinger


16:00 – 17:00 Beacon Group Meeting, Fulton 511

Chair: Dr. Reinhart Leitinger

19:00 - 22:00 Symposium Banquet, The Heights Room at Boston College (Lower Dining Hall)

Traditional Irish Music by Laurel Martin and Kathleen Guilday



Scintillation Posters:

  1. Ionospheric Scintillation Effects on WAAS Receivers in the Auroral and Near-Equatorial Regions, Patricia H. Doherty, J.A. Klobuchar, S.H. Delay and C.E. Valladares
  2. Spectral Features of Scintillation near the Magnetic Equator and Anomaly Crest Regions, B.M. Pathan, D.R.K. Rao and Harish Chandra
  3. Determination of Equatorial Ionospheric Scintillation S4 by Dual-Frequency GPS, Junhu Du, J. Caruana, P. Wilkinson, R. Thomas and M. Cervera
  4. The New Generation of UHF Scintillation Systems at AFRL, R. Sheehan and C. Valladares

GPS Occultation Posters:

  1. A Comparison of Inversion Methods used for Obtaining Electron Density Profiles from GPS Radio Occultations, A. Schlesier, G.B. Larsen, A. Rius, A.A. Namgaladze and P. Hoeg
  2. Combining Ground and LEO GPS Data to Obtain Electron Density Profiles, Manuel Hernandez-Pajares, J.M. Juan, J. Sanz, M. Garcia and R. Orus
  3. Analysis of GPS/LEO Differential Delays: Preliminary Results, Luigi Ciraolo
  4. Preliminary Results on Ionosphere/Plasmasphere Imaging Based on GPS Data Obtained Onboard CHAMP, S. Heise, N. Jakowski, A. Wehrenpfennig, Ch. Reigber and R. Konig
  5. Influence of Ionospheric Horizontal Gradients over GOLPE, Victor H. Rios, F.R. Soria and B. de Haro
  6. GPS Occultation Studies over Indian Ocean Region, M.R. Sivaraman

Ionospheric Tomography Posters:

  1. A Discussion of Reconstructions from Incomplete Ionospheric Tomographic Projection Data, E.A. Andreeva, S.J. Franke, K.C. Yeh and V.E. Kunitsyn
  2. A New Algorithm in Digital Signal Processing of Satellite Signals for Tomographic Ionospheric Measurements, V.N. Trakhachev, B.Z. Khudukon and M. Lehtinen
  3. Application of Occultation Technique and Radio Tomography for Ionosphere Studying, V.E. Kunitsyn, V.I. Zakharov and M. Lomonosov
  4. Early Images from the Alaskan Tomography Chain, Ed Fremouw, J. Secan, M. Conde and G. Bust

TEC Measurements and Models Posters:

  1. The New NNSS Receiver Station at Lampedusa: First Results, Luigi Ciraolo, M. Materassi, C. Mitchell, P. Spalla and P.S.J. Spencer
  2. Coordinated TEC Measurements for HAARP Using TRANSIT and GPS, John Begenisich, Ed Fremouw, Elizabeth Holland, Andrew Mazzella
  3. Shock-acoustic waves generated during rocket launchings and earthquakes, E.L. Afraimovich, E.A. Kosogorov, and A.V. Plotnikov
  4. The International GPS Service (IGS) Ionosphere Working Group, J. Feltens (presented by P.Doherty)
  5. Ionospheric slab thickness at low, mid and high latitudes, B. Jayachandran, and T.N. Krishnankutty
  6. Day-to-day variability of ionospheric electron content (IEC) at conjugate points, B. Jayachandran, T.N. Krishnankutty, and K. Mohandas (oral)
  7. New data on the topside electron density distribution, X. Huang, B.W. Reinisch, D. Bilitza and R.F. Benson
  8. TEC measurements in equatorial region using dual frequency GPS receiver, A. D. Sarma, K. Ravindra, and D.C. Reddy
  9. Ionospheric Effects in GPS Time Transfer Technique over Indian Region, M.R. Sivaraman
  10. Polar Cap Ionospheric Drift Measurements – Feasible with GPS? Gregory Bishop, A. Mazzella, T. Pedersen, T. Bullett and K. Groves
  11. Total electron content observation with GPS Earth Observation Network (GEONET) in Japan, A. Saito, M.C. Kelley, T. Tsugawa and Y. Otsuka

New Opportunities Posters

  1. Predictions of quasi-periodic structures in the E-region for the radio beacon experiment on SEEK2, P.A. Bernhardt, M.F. Larsen, S. Fukao and M. Yamamoto
  2. The evolution and dynamics of equatorial plasma bubbles: relationships to ExB drift, post-sunset total content enhancements and equatorial electrojet strength, R. S. Dabas , S. C. Garg, Lakha Singh and D. R. Lakshmi