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Travel Information

Boston College is located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, a part of the city of Newton. It is on the border of the city of Boston (see approach map, campus map). Access to the college from Logan Airport is available by:

Directions from Logan Airport: Take the Mass Port Shuttle to the MBTA Blue Line station. The Mass Port Shuttle stop is located outside your air terminal at ground level. They are free of charge and run about every 3 minutes. At the Blue Line, buy a token for $1.00 and go downstairs to access the Blue Line Inbound train and get off at the Government Center stop. Go upstairs to the Green Line Outbound and transfer to a Boston College "B Line" trolley. There are several different Green Line trolleys that stop here, so be sure to get one marked Boston College. The last stop of your trip will be just across the street and slightly downhill from your on-campus housing. It will take about 1.5 hours to get from your airline terminal to Boston College via the "T".

Directions from Logan Airport via rental car: When leaving the airport, follow the signs to the Sumner Tunnel and Boston. Do not take the Ted Williams Tunnel. There is a charge of $2.00 to enter the Sumner Tunnel. Go through the tunnel. Turn right after the tunnel (do not take the ramp to Storrow Drive North or 93 North). Get into your left lane and go in a semi-circle under the bridge to get to Route 93 South going to the Massachusetts Turnpike (Highway 90).

Travel on Route 93 South for about 1.5 miles. Stay toward the right lane. After a long underpass, there will be a sign for the Massachusetts Turnpike Extension which automatically turns into the Mass. Turnpike. You will now stay on the Turnpike for approximately 7 miles. There will be a toll (50 cents) at the Cambridge-Allston exit. You will get off at Exit 17 (Newton).

Take to ramp off the Turnpike at Exit 17. There is a stop light at the top of the ramp. Go in a circle about 2/3 of the way around the Sheraton Tara Hotel. As you are traveling around the hotel, stay to your right. At the 2/3 mark, turn right on Centre Street. Stay on Centre Street for 4 stop lights (you will pass the Boston College law school). Take a left at the fourth stop light onto Commonwealth Avenue. There is a ski shop at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Centre Street. Continue on Commonwealth Avenue for three stop lights (one on Grant; one on Hammond; and one by St. Ignatius Church). When you reach the third stop light, you will have passed the main gate to Boston College. Don't worry - you are still OK.

At St. Ignatius Church (3rd stop light) take a right turn. Turn right again into the lower campus parking lot, just behind the church. This is called the St. Ignatius Gate. Proceed approximately 600 feet to 90 St. Thomas More Drive. Registration will take place at this location. Please do not park in spaces marked for St. Ignatius Church or Boston College staff members. Additional parking is available in the campus garage.

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