MD253/MD252 - Electronic Commerce
Lecture Notes - Spring 2006

This page contains course notes saved in PowerPoint format as well as links to additional resources that I have created for students.  Due to limited disk space, course notes for the subsequent week's lecture may only be available for a few weeks, so get 'em while they're hot!  Each week I will post a new set of lecture notes within 24 hrs. of the completion of the lecture module (note that some modules run several weeks, so you may not see a posting each week).  Sometimes I will make changes to the slides after I have printed out the notes for class - any postings to this site will reflect any subsequent changes.  I will indicate the final version of the slide by proceeding the description with [final version].  As always, please feel free to drop by Fulton 352B if you have any questions.  Good luck!

ecfreshdirect06.ppt [final version] - PowerPoint slides from our first lecture topic 'Are eBusinesses Better?' examining FreshDirect.

ecdisintermediation06.ppt [final version] - PowerPoint slides from our lecture on Disintermediation, the travel industry, and the jewelry industry.

ecmultichannel06.ppt [final version] - PowerPoint slides for our lecture on ING Direct, single/multi-channel online retailing, and right-channeling customers in a multi-channel environment.

ecchannelflux06.ppt [final version] - PowerPoint sildes for our lectures on 'right channeling' in a multi-channel environment, channel conflict, digital media / players / and channel evolution, channel-extending intermediaries (CEIs), and auction systems.

ecstrategy06.ppt [final version] - PowerPoint slides for our lectures on 'Strategy & the Internet'.

ecamazon06.ppt [final version] - PowerPoint slides from our lecture.

ecsearchadv06.ppt [final version] - PowerPoint slides from our search & advertising lectures.

ecusercontent06.ppt [final version] - PowerPoint slides from our Web 2.0, User-Created Content lectures.

ectelecom06.ppt - PowerPoint slides from our 'How the Internet Works' & 'Telecommunications' discussions.

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