MD240 - Management Information Systems
Lecture Notes - Fall 2005

This page contains course notes saved in PowerPoint format as well as links to additional resources that I have created for students.  Due to limited disk space, course notes for the subsequent week's lecture may only be available for a few weeks, so get 'em while they're hot!  Each week I will post a new set of lecture notes within 24 hrs. of the completion of the lecture module (note that some modules run several weeks, so you may not see a posting each week).  Sometimes I will make changes to the slides after I have printed out the notes for class - any postings to this site will reflect any subsequent changes.  I will indicate the final version of the slide by proceeding the description with [final version].  As always, please feel free to drop by Fulton 352B if you have any questions.  Good luck!

miszaracase.ppt [final version]- PowerPoint slides from our lecture on MIS & the value chain - a look at Zara.

mishw.ppt [final version] - PowerPoint slides from our lecture on IT vs. IS, Moore's Law, and the evolution of computing hardware.

Reebok.ppt - PowerPoint slides from Reebok CIO Peter Burrows' lecture.

misdata.ppt [final version] - PowerPoint slides from our lectures on data, databases, and the data asset.

mismasscustomization.ppt [final version] - PowerPoint slides for our lecture on personalization & mass customization.

misAIandERP.ppt [final version] - PowerPoint slides for our lectures on Artificial Intelligence and ERP systems.

misneteffects.ppt - PowerPoint slides for our lectures on Network Effects and competition in the Computer Hardware, Operating System, and Video Game industries.

How important is it to have lots of folks writing code for your standard?  Look at how excited Steve Balmer gets about "developers".

queryanswerkey05.xls - Answer key (with screenshots of how to set up queries) for database query assignment in Visual Studio.NET.

miswebservices.ppt - PowerPoint slides for our lectures on Web Services & Web Mash-ups.

Some links to web mashup sites:
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