Kenneth G. Galli, Ph.D.

Ken with Apatosaurus femur


Apatosaurus femur I discovered in "Galli's Alley" Lower Brushy Basin Member, Morrison Formation, Echo Canyon, south of Grand Junction, CO


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Hazard Assessments of Flood and Drought in the U. S. based on USGS data - Enviro Issues & Resources Project Website, summer, 2015 (Galli)


Dr. Kenneth G. Galli
Lab Manager, Lecturer
Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Boston College
Devlin 310
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
T: 617-552-4504

Co-taught the "Teaching Scientific Thinking" Breakout Session as part of May 9, 2016
Boston College "Excellence in Teaching Day," themed "Rethinking Connection" along
with Prof. Jim Lubben (SSW), Kate McNeill (LSOE), Clare O'Connor (Biology), and
Neil Wolfman (Chemistry).

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." Aristotle

Co-taught the "Engaging Students in the Sciences" Workshop as part of May 13, 2015
Boston College "Excellence in Teaching Day,"
along with Prof. Claire O'Connor (Biology) and Can Erbil (Economics).

A 2014 Winner of Boston College Teaching with New Media (TWIN) Award for


April 6, 7, 2012 Field Trip led by Drs. Paul K. Strother and Ken Galli for Paul's GE330 Paleobiology course to see Beneski Musuem of Natural History, Amherst College, dinosaur footprints in Holyoke, MA, Fossiliferous LImestones of eastern New York, the Taconic Angular Unconformity near Catskil, NY, and in this picture, Giloba NY oldest forest in the world.

Gilboa NY Dev Forest