Julia Elisenda (Eli) Grigsby

Associate Professor
Boston College Math Department
BC Geometry/Topology Seminar
Boston Graduate Topology Seminar
(Some) other Boston area topology seminars


I am an associate professor in the Boston College math department, studying low-dimensional topology.
I have particular interest in interactions between Heegaard Floer homology and Khovanov homology,
as well as applications of both theories to questions about braids, Dehn surgery, and concordance.

My Papers
Modern Math Workshop slides

I co-organized the 2016 Hamilton Geometry and Topology Workshop, (August 22-26, 2016), partially supported by my NSF CAREER grant.

I co-organized this topical ICERM workshop (August 4-8, 2014), partially supported by my NSF CAREER grant. See videos of
some of the (excellent) talks here! (Under "Programs and Workshops 2014/Summer 2014")


Here is the website for MT855: Surfaces, braids, and homology-type invariants, Spring 2016.
Here is the website for a graduate reading seminar on the Schoenflies conjecture and generalized property R, co-organized with John Baldwin, Peter Feller, and Josh Greene during spring 2015.
Here is the website for MT831: Algebraic topology and low-dimensional topology, Fall 2014.
Here is the website for MT855: Applications of homology-type invariants in low-dimensional topology, Spring 2014.
Here is the syllabus for MT216: Intro to Abstract Math, Fall 2013.
Here is the syllabus for MT808: Graduate Algebraic Topology, Fall 2011.
Here is the website for MT210: Linear Algebra, Fall 2010.
Here is the syllabus for MT105: CalculusII-AP, Fall 2009.
Here is the syllabus for the undergraduate knot theory course I taught at Columbia, Fall 2008.

I directed Lisa Piccirillo in a summer research project on Khovanov homology in the Summer of 2011, funded by a BC URF.
Here is the poster she created, summarizing her results.

I co-led a 10-week research program for undergraduates with Jason Behrstock at Columbia University in the Summer of 2008.
Some of the students' final papers:
  • Amy Cen, Summary of research on variants of the Tower of Hanoi
  • So Eun Park, The group of symmetries of the Tower of Hanoi graph, to appear in the American Mathematical Monthly.
  • Michael Rand, On the Frame-Stewart Algorithm for the Tower of Hanoi
  • Ian Spafford, Tower of Hanoi research project
  • Andy Zhang, Properties of the Tower of Hanoi graph for 4 pegs

    Other Links

    I tweet (almost never).

    I blog (even less).

    I have a large mathematical family. (A pic from Rob Kirby's 70th birthday conference at MSRI, August 2008, which I co-organized with
    Rob Schneiderman,Peter Teichner, and Kevin Walker.)

    I am on the board of directors of Girls' Angle, a Cambridge, MA math club for girls.

    KEXP is a Seattle-based radio station that everyone should know about.

    mailing address:
    Eli Grigsby
    Boston College Department of Mathematics
    5th floor, Maloney
    Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3806

    office: 522 Maloney
    fax: 617-552-3789
    phone: 617-552-9289
    email: grigsbyjjjjjjjj(at)bc(dot)edu (Ummm...not really. Delete all but one of the j's and replace "at" and "dot" with their symbols.)