Boston College Geometry/Topology seminar
(Thursdays, 4 pm, Carney 309. Exceptions noted below.)

Fall 2012

Seminar schedule is now here.

And here is a link to a google calendar with a listing of many Boston area topology seminars.

Spring 2012

February 23: Ben Webster (Northeastern University), Categorification, Lie algebras and topology

March 1, 3PM (Double header, Part 1), Carney 005: Tony Licata (IAS/Australian National University), Heisenberg algebras and their categorifications in Algebra and Geometry

March 1, 4PM (Double header, Part 2), Carney 309: Joan Licata (IAS/Australian National University), Legendrian knot invariants in Seifert fibered spaces

March 8: No seminar (Spring break)

March 15: Seminar CANCELED

March 22: Steven Sivek (Harvard University), A contact invariant in sutured monopole homology

March 29: Sucharit Sarkar (Columbia University), A Khovanov homotopy type

April 5: No seminar (Easter break)

April 12: Thomas Koberda (Harvard University), Mapping class groups, homology and finite covers of surfaces

April 19 : No seminar (Robert Ghrist speaking in Distinguished Lecturer Series )

April 26: Jeff Danciger (University of Texas), A geometric transition from hyperbolic to AdS geometry

May 3, 4:15 PM : John Etnyre (Georgia Tech), Plane fields on 3-manifolds

Fall 2011

September 15: Matt Hedden (Michigan State), Contact structures associated to rational open books and their invariants

September 22: No seminar (Liam Watson speaking in Brandeis Topology Seminar on 9/20, 2 PM).

September 29: Vaibhav Gadre (Harvard), Curve complex translation lengths

October 6: Neil Hoffman (Boston College), Hyperbolic knot complements and commensurability

October 13: Eric Staron (University of Texas), Pretzel knots with unknotting number one

October 20: Ana Lecuona (Penn State), Montesinos knots and the slice-ribbon conjecture

October 27 (Colloquium): Dick Askey (University of Wisconsin), The binomial theorem, beta and gamma functions, and some extensions of each

November 3: Chris Atkinson (Temple), Small volume link orbifolds

November 9 (Colloquium): Andras Stipsicz (Renyi Institute), 3-dimensional contact topology (NOTE UNUSUAL DAY)

November 10: Scott Morrison (Berkeley), Invariants of 4-manifolds from Khovanov homology

November 17: Ken Baker (Miami), Bridge numbers and Dehn surgery

November 24: No seminar (Thanksgiving)

December 1: Dave Futer (Temple), The Jones polynomial and surfaces far from fibers

December 7 (Colloquium): Ian Agol (UC, Berkeley), Virtual properties of 3-manifolds (NOTE UNUSUAL DAY)

December 8: No seminar (Dani Wise speaking in Joint Brandeis-Harvard-MIT-Northeastern colloquium)

Spring 2011

February 8: Andrew Cotton-Clay (Harvard), Sharp fixed point bounds for surface symplectomorphisms in each mapping class

February 15 (Colloquium): Dick Gross (Harvard), Stable orbits and the arithmetic of curves

February 22 (Colloquium): Danny Calegari (Caltech), Stable commutator length in free groups

March 1: Stephan Wehrli (Syracuse), On quiver algebras and Floer homology

March 8: No seminar (spring break)

March 15: Tejas Kalelkar (Washington University), Normal and incompressible surfaces in 3-manifolds

April 5 (Distinguished Lecture Series): Peter Sarnak (Princeton), Randomness in number theory

April 12: Candice Price (University of Iowa), A knot theory application to biology : an overview of DNA topology

April 26 (Colloquium): Peter Ozsvath (MIT), TBA

Fall 2010

September 16: Martin Bridgeman (Boston College), The orthospectra of finite volume hyperbolic manifolds with totally geodesic boundary and associated volume identities

September 23: Dan Mathews (Boston College), Sutured topological quantum field theory and contact elements in sutured Floer homology

September 30: Genevieve Walsh (Tufts), Knot commensurability and the Berge conjecture

October 7: Gabriel Katz (MIT), Invariants of traversing flows on manifolds with boundary

October 14: Inanc Baykur (Brandeis), Round Handles and Smooth 4-Manifolds

October 21: Tao Li (Boston College), Rank and genus of amalgamated 3-manifolds

October 28: Sucharit Sarkar (Columbia), Grid diagrams and the Ozsvath-Szabo tau invariant

November 4: Adam Levine (Brandeis), A Combinatorial Spanning Tree Model for Knot Floer Homology

November 11: Vera Vertesi (MIT), Invariants for Legendrian knots in Heegaard Floer Homology

November 18: Josh Greene (Columbia), The Lens Space Realization Problem