Callahan, Paul [Paul.Callahan@FMR.COM]

Hi Tom -
How are you? Hope the summer has been good to you. Just thought I'd drop you an email to say hello.
Things are going well for me here in Boston. Been a busy summer with weddings and a recent vacation down PA and the Jersey Shore to see my family.

I was at Dana Chancler's wedding last weekend in Boston and got a chance to catch up with some swimming alums - Lauren Chancler (Partridge) and her 9 mth old baby girl; Pam Foschi (Danbusky) and her baby girl (Riley) and Erica Allen. All of them are doing great.
I also ran into Greg and Alexis Dwyer before the wedding and found out they are closing on a house in Salem, MA at the end of the month. Coming up this fall - I'll be traveling out to Cali for Colin Feichtmeir's wedding (he is smart enough to be marrying a girl with the last name Callahan).

After taking some time off from running over the last year - I've just recently gotten back into the swing of things. I am going to be running the Baltimore half marathon in October - so I'm sure that'll keep me busy over the next 2 months.

I'm planning to make it out to BC in the fall for a few football games - hopefully we'll be able to catch up. Any Alumni weekend this year?

Hope all else is going well and I'll talk to you soon.


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