Hey Tom how are you? Long time no talk....

Just recently saw the swim page Jay Pollack created, great to see! Also saw you wanted some info and posted on my wall so wanted to catch up with you a bit on how everything is going!

Congrats on another great year! It was great to see another year of fast times and a successful season. Unfortunately we had no meets in Boston this year (the last 3 years we went up in December every one was blizzard weekend) so we passed this year. I hope all the Grodens are doing well!

I am still coaching Badger Swim Club and enjoying every minute. I am fortunate enough to be traveling all over North America for Grand Prix's, National meets and a few international meets as well. Badger had one of the best seasons this past year and it was an amazing ride. We still have a young team so the future looks great with possibly some future BC swim alums!

Besides coaching I am still running like crazy. I did the past 2 NYC marathons and qualified for Boston both times but 1 marathon a year is ENOUGH! I was actually asked 2 days ago to represent the charity I have been running for (Team Boomer Cystic Fibrosis) to run again for a 3rd straight NYC which I accepted. After this one I will definitely take a break, but I am committing to make myself run Boston if I qualify again, I can't pass up another marathon experience for a 3rd year in a row! It's a once in a lifetime thing and running by BC would be surreal! I have a fundraising page (http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/timothy-tully/2011ingnycmarathon).

Anyway hope all is well again and if I am in Boston (hopefully soon) I will definitely let you know. Talk to you soon Tom!


Tim Tully

Tim Tully [tully528@gmail.com]