Boston College Swimming & Diving - 2006


This award is named for Kevin Conway ‘84. Kevin was both a swimmer and a diver on the BC team. He competed in his sophomore year. At the end of the year while celebrating the finish of exams at Rockport, he was swept off the jetties into the ocean and drowned. An award was established to ‘honor’ Kevin. In establishing the award we did not want to make Kevin into something he was not.
“After not swimming his freshman year, Kevin joined as a sophomore and competed in both swimming & diving. He did not get serious with his training until the latter part of the season. He finished up with a great meet at the Big East - personal best in all events. His plan developed for ‘next year’ - all the right things: weights, practices, and most important the Christmas Training Trip that he missed this season. Kevin never had a next year - promises unfulfilled. For the award we decided to reward what Kevin planned to do.”
To relate the award to Kevin the following criteria was established for the Kevin Conway Award:
1. The award will be made to members of the sophomore class - male and female.
2. Both swimmers and divers are eligible.
3. The coach chooses the recipients based on ‘promises fulfilled’. The swimmer or diver that made the most of what was available to him or her.

Kevin Conway was also a photographer. The plaque with the names of the winners of this award bears one of the photos that Kevin took of the Gasson Tower. There is also a series of photos of Boston College hung in the housing office that were taken by Kevin.


Mari Wunschel ’08 Santa Rosa, California

I love to watch this young woman swim the IM. It has always been my favorite event – particularly the 400. You can tell by the number of IM sets in practice that not only do I respect the event but I feel it is a great way to train. Mari’s IM’s are fun to watch because she swims it with such confidence. I have had very few swimmers over the years that I could put in any 200 race the way I can with Mari. She can and will be competitive in each of the four strokes at the 200 distance. In her two remaining seasons, I hope that she can get the confidence in those other events that she has in her IM. I discovered a very interesting fact when getting ready for the ACC’s. Each of Mari’s 50’s in her 200 IM were faster than the same 50 in her 200’s of stroke. Since she swims her IM’s so well and always finishes them so strong in the freestyle, I would love to see her apply the same confidence to her individual strokes. I think she would be amazed at what she could do in those other events if she was able to raise that same level of confidence and desire. This award goes to one of the best IM’ers we have ever had with an added thanks for the Yoga.

List of All Boston College Kevin Conway Award Winners