2006 Award Winners

THE EAGLE’S EYE - Outstanding Opponent

Competition is what brings out the best in all of us. Finding a person to race is never a problem, but finding a great competitor, it’s some times tough; that individual who gives his or her best in the pool but leaves the race in the pool. This award gives us the opportunity to recognize some people in the other lanes. The recipients are chosen by the coaches sometimes with input from the graduating seniors.

Roy Coates - Northeastern University

Roy has been at Northeastern for thirteen seasons. Over the last six years he has helped turn the BC-Northeastern meet into the most consistent battle on the schedule. For those years the home team has been the victor. Every time we head over to NU, they have been ready for us. And we have also been just as ready to take on the Huskies when they have visited the Plex. As he stands on the side directing his team, Roy is one of those competitors that I respect. He gets his team ready to swim – to battle us to the best of their abilities. Then Roy and I can go play golf and have a great time – thanks for the battles and the friendship for BC and myself. Just to prove that Roy is not “all bad” – he did marry a BC girl.

Mike Kelly - Boston University

Mike Kelly has been one of Boston U’s top swimmers these past few years. An excellent freestyler he has battled BC’s best for these last four seasons. This years meet was a great example of that. Mike was the sprint flyer in the 200 medley that beat BC by .16 seconds and his split was definitely the difference. He won a close battle with Andy Faughnan in the 200 free as they both turned in 1:45’s. Next he threw a 48.08 at us in the 100 free but an amazing pair of 47.7’s by Andy Faughnan and Matt Northrup turned that into a third place finish. His and our meet concluded with a 21.03 split in the last relay, fastest in the pool but BC had five of the fastest seven splits and the result was a BC win. Mike’s swimming has helped make these recent BC-BU meets the great battles of Commonwealth Ave that they have been.