Boston College Swimming & Diving - 2006

HAROLD M. GRODEN MD AWARD - Outstanding Performance

This award is named after the coach’s father. It is given to a swimmer or diver for the outstanding individual performance of the season - in a situation where he or she ‘rose to the occasion’ for the benefit of the team. Dr. Groden was a Boston College athlete (hockey - class of ‘35) and recognized the importance of competition and striving for excellence in athletics as well as academics.

2006 HM Groden Award Winners

This has always been one of my favorite awards. To me it is the essence of competition. It is not about times or just winning a race – it is about taking yourself to a higher level as a competitor. It is about seeing a need that your team has at that time and fulfilling that need not just with your best effort, but with that combination of effort and result that make a team succeed due to your success.

2006 Award Winners

HAROLD M. GRODEN MD AWARD - Outstanding Performance


Tommy Chandler ’09 Fairfax Station, Virginia
Colin Scott ’08 Moraga, California

I love it when a plan comes together …. Even if it is no where near the plan you had. If we had a chance to beat BU certain things had to happen … and despite swimming well (very well) they didn’t. We got touched out in the medley, the 200 and the distance races – and in each of those races we swam great. So like so many great meets here comes the IM. The Terrier swimmers, Griffin and Falk, took charge early and as the field hit the 150 they were 1-2 with a fifty free to go. Tommy trailed by 1.28 seconds and Colin by 1.76 seconds. They were both swimming intelligent races and spurred on by an emotional team on the sidelines they turned in excellent 50 freestyles to bring them home. Colin’s 28.21 and Tommy’s 28.09 were so impressive that they not only passed both BU swimmers but wound up winning by over a full second over BU’s best of 2:02.95. Colin was second with a 2:01.95 and Tommy charged in with a 2:01.35 for the win in the IM. That left it up to the 200 free relay to sew up the meet and they did with an all-time unshaved best of 1:26.44. A great victory over that school down the street set up by two amazingly well swum 200 IM’s – thanks – Tommy and Colin.


Andy Faughnan ’07 Aberdeen, New Jersey
Dan Kollar ’07 Schenectady, New York
Matt Northrup ’07 Fayetteville, New Jersey

I wondered what our response to the new conference would be. The ACC is a strong swimming conference and just like the Big East, as a non-scholarship program we were destined to be at or near the bottom. However there was a different feeling here. It was evident from the first day when one of the North Carolina State swimmers stopped by on his way out of the pool, shook my hand and said, “Welcome to the ACC. Glad to have BC here.”. After years of feeling unwanted in the Big East, it was a nice change. A change that was evident all semester as we could spend our time preparing for this meet – not just trying to get here. So my second Groden Award for the men’s team goes to three classmates who combined to do something three times in a weekend that we had only done once in the last decade plus – break a BC relay record. Andy, Dan and Matt joined with Billy Schwitter on the first night to finally break that 800 freestyle mark that we had been so close to these last four years by turning in a 6:56.69. The old record of 6:58.05 was set back at the New Englands by Craig Jones, Nick Satovick, John Murray and Maarten Kraaivanger in 1991. The second day this trio added Robert Swaninger to the mix and took down the 200 free record. Their 1:24.38 shaved just .04 off the mark (1:24.42) that had been set by John Webber, Steve Yap, Dan Chertow and Scott Cornick in the 1995 Big East Meet. That left the 400 free relay and as David Herman told me on the phone, “I was following the meet on line and once I saw the 800 then the 200 fall, I knew my record (the 400) was next.” It was. The mark set two years ago at the ECAC’s which included Andy and Matt – plus Dave Herman and Andy Naumann – was a 3:07.32. It had been the only relay record to fall since February 1995 but it was gone again. The third new mark for this threesome of juniors (again with Robert) made for the capper of a wonderful weekend of swimming for the Eagles – and it was noticed. Thanks to Andy Faughnan, Dan Kollar and Matt Northrup.