Boston College Swimming & Diving - 2006

HAROLD M. GRODEN MD AWARD - Outstanding Performance

This award is named after the coach’s father. It is given to a swimmer or diver for the outstanding individual performance of the season - in a situation where he or she ‘rose to the occasion’ for the benefit of the team. Dr. Groden was a Boston College athlete (hockey - class of ‘35) and recognized the importance of competition and striving for excellence in athletics as well as academics.

2006 HM Groden Award Winners

This has always been one of my favorite awards. To me it is the essence of competition. It is not about times or just winning a race – it is about taking yourself to a higher level as a competitor. It is about seeing a need that your team has at that time and fulfilling that need not just with your best effort, but with that combination of effort and result that make a team succeed due to your success.

2006 Award Winners

HAROLD M. GRODEN MD AWARD - Outstanding Performance

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Torey Thelin ’06 Darien, Connecticut
Caroline Byron ’09 Dallas, Pennsylvania

This was one of the strangest meets that I can remember. I have looked over the results a number of times and I can’t figure out how we won. Even as I go through and add up the scores – it still confuses me (but not just me). I was standing near the official as the second diving was concluded. Colgate’s Coach Steve Jungbluth came over to ask the official the score to the men’s meet – which had gone back and forth. He got his answer and then the Official said, “Do you want the women’s score?” Steve answered, “No, we’re all set there.” The officials response, “You are losing there also”; shocked the CU coach.
How could this be. I had been keeping the score so I knew the numbers were right but Colgate had won the first five events before BC took two. Then Colgate, BC and three more Colgate wins before a BC win followed by another Colgate win. The visiting Raiders had won ten of the fourteen races yet they trailed by four points. BC would go one to win the last two races enroute to a 161.5 to 139.5 win. This is just one of those meets that was made for A Groden Award winner. The search started and I found two main causes for this confusing victory. They swam in all six races that BC won. Torey Thelin got us our first victory as she won the 200 butterfly – putting an end to Colgate’s five win meet starting streak. Next came Caroline Byron capturing the 50 freestyle. After Colgate took the diving, Caroline was back with her second win – taking the 100 freestyle. Another streak of three wins and it was Torey’s turn again with her second win in the 100 butterfly. She would add a few more points with a fourth in the 400 IM before Caroline concluded her and BC’s day by anchoring the meet winning 200 freestyle relay. Two great performances – by Torey Thelin and Caroline Byron – that lead BC to an improbable victory over Colgate.