Award Winners - 2006


This Award has been around since the first season back in 1973. The winner is determined by votes by the team members and the criteria is “who do you feel was most valuable to the team in 2006.”

Liz Byron ’06 – Dallas, Pennsylvania



Liz concludes her swimming here at Boston College doing what she has always done. Winning races, scoring points, leading her team to victories and of course capturing awards. This one is her second MVP for Boston College Swimming. Like all of her previous awards – it was earned. I have often referred to Liz as the most diligent trainer that I have ever coached. I try not to over use words on a variety of people. I really believe that I should only have one best ever, hardest worker, best stroke technique, funniest swimmer, etc – and I know Liz is one of the best. Her best is diligence. Her ability to take all that God has given her and apply incredible time and effort to make it all combine for the best result…and that result might be winning a meet, or a race, or being a great student, or the best recruiter, or a great leader. Liz believes that anyone can be successful if they are willing to work at it. You can be the great athlete and student if you are willing to put in the time and effort. That is true but does everybody’s “effort” see and use all that she does. Have you ever seen Liz not stretching? Can you watch her swim and not see her working on her mechanics? That is the diligence that drives her.
So her fourth year winds up like many others. Liz was our top scorer and she also led the team in wins. She graduates as the number four career scorer here at BC. She also climbed to second place in career wins with 131. Both of those are tributes to her impressive contributions to our program. She will pick up her seventh Kane Award for academics later tonight and will anyone be surprised if she adds an eighth next spring. Besides her swimming achievements this year, Liz was also a Boston College Nominee for a Rhodes Scholarship. She was also one of BC’s nominees for a Post Graduate Scholarship. She did not get the Rhodes but she is a finalist for the NCAA Award. She is also a two time CSCAA Academic All-American – based on her NCAA qualifying times and her very impressive GPA. Liz has also been named a Verizon Academic All-American while here at BC
So what will I miss about Liz – two things. First – her willingness to help out with recruiting as she has been a great ambassador for this program. Secondly – our many conversations. Thank you for everything and best of luck in the Marshall Islands.

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