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Hi Tom,

I am glad to hear you're doing well. It sounds like Erin is becoming quite the world traveler! Where in Australia will she be for the fall? (or the spring if we want to get technical - hey, she gets a double dose of spring!) This would be a good year to do the training trip in Australia!! If you, Susie, and Erin get webcams, then you can still see and talk to each other on a regular basis. Maybe that's what I'll have to do for my family - now that I'm in Texas, my poor parents have four kids in four different states and three time zones!

Thanks for the good luck wishes in Texas - I finally made it to Midland last night after three days of driving. I start my new job on Monday and I am really excited for it! Texas is a big state, but maybe I will run into Brandon Twichell sometime.

I was doubtful but hoping there once were four Eagle Spas. But now I don't have to ask why we got rid of three of them!

By the way, I graduated in 2006, not 2005. I know it must feel like it's been ages since my pom pom graced the decks at countless swim meets (and ESPN GameDay television cameras), but it's really only been two years. I'll have to check out the alumni notes section of the webpage to see my newfound fame. :)


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Howdy KM,

I am doing well and enjoying life and my family. Erin just returned from France last Friday. She was over there as part of her Presidential Scholar program. She is home for a few weeks before heading to Australia for a semester. So we do get to see her for a short time. I do get to talk to Susie often – but I certainly do miss seeing her on a regular basis (note from a spoiled Dad).

Best of luck in Texas. Maybe you will run into Brandon Twichell down there as he finishes up grad school.

I posted your email on our Alumni Notes page – on the website below – so now you are famous.

Can't figure out who the URI swimmer is – and no we never had four spas – too bad I would have loved to have my choice of four spas.

Take care and enjoy Texas. – Love, Tom


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Hi Tom!

I hope you're doing well and that you're enjoying your summer! Is Erin in Boston for the summer or do you get to have her around at home? I im with Susie several times a week - she's always asking my opinion of dresses, shoes, and shirts that she buys online. It almost feels like we get to go shopping together despite the distance. It sounds like she's doing well despite being extremely busy, and I'm sure you enjoy hearing about her everything she's up to.

The big news here is that I am moving to Midland, Texas next week! I will be a producer at a TV station in Midland. It is KWES, the NBC affiliate. I am really excited to begin my new adventure - I've been trying to get my first job in journalism for a whole year now. I've made some great friends here, especially over the past six months, and I can see them whenever I visit my parents. Richmond has a great social sports league, and I've played co-ed football and kickball, which were an absolute blast! My knees will never look the same - I dove for the ball a few too many times!

I've also rediscovered swimming over the past few months. It's been a fun challenge getting myself back into swimming shape. I keep having to remind myself that I won't be attending captains' practices in September! As I was finishing up my swim yesterday, a woman wanted to know where I'd swam. I said I wasn't from around here, but mentioned BC and my old team in Orlando. It turns out she swam at URI back in the day! She said she loved the BC pool and remembers it being her favorite. I'm not sure she has the right pool - the one in her memory had four hot tubs lining the pool. Were there once four Eagle Spas?? I can't remember her name, but she graduated in 1983 (when I was born haha) and was a sprinter from South Carolina. I thought you might enjoy a tale of New England swimming bonding that spans a generational gap. :)

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and best of luck next season!