2006 Award Winners

THE MARY PAWLAK AWARD - Special Recognition


This award originated in 1988 as The Coach’s Award. In 1992, Mary Pawlak ‘88 joined the team as a coach and after one season succumbed to Hodgkins Disease. The award was fittingly renamed the Mary Pawlak Award. Despite Mary being a swimmer at the Heights, she made a bigger contribution when she returned to BC as an assistant coach. She was proud of the time she spent with the team and I am proud to recognize her contributions to the program. It seems the other awards always leaves some holes and some very deserving individuals do not get the recognition they deserve. These additional award winners will help fill that void.


Kari Sveum ’07 Minnetonka, Minnesota

The meet started off with the 200 IM. I suggested as I had many times to IM many swimmers that you need to take it out slower you know “that it is the first 50 of a 200 fly…”. As I watched Kari start to swim, I could see on the second stroke that she had listened and was going to try to swim it that way. The whole race looked relaxed and the final result was a three and a half second improvement over any IM she had done at BC. The second day was the 100 butterfly. The approach was the same a relaxed race and the result was again spectacular – a second and a half improvement. Finally, day three gave us the 200 backstroke and this junior turned in one more spectacular race – a truly effortless looking 2:10.34 – a full four second improvement. What a great weekend – something many of you might remember as a twelve year old age group swimmer (when it seemed every dive in the pool was another personal best)…but here this 20 plus swimmer had herself a weekend. Congrats Kari – and it was fun to watch.


Holly Boucher ’06 Andover, Massachusetts

Some kids long before they walk out the door – you know that you are going to miss them. Those kids are special because they have made you pile up so many smiles and positive thoughts during the days that you coached them. They are the ones who are on the deck ready for every practice – not just there but there and ready to swim. They are the ones without the litany of excuses – because they never needed them. Even as a recruit, you remember honesty in her voice that made you trust her – and she never let that trust down. As she struggled early on with the academic load you kept that confidence and watched her gain her own. She excelled academically more than you ever thought she could and maybe more than even she herself expected to succeed. She earned First Honors in Arts & Sciences. She became a great team member and then a great captain. She always gave a great effort – every practice every meet. I understand where her success comes from. I appreciate her sharing the last four years with myself as her coach and Boston College as a university and a swim team. I know Holly Boucher will succeed for as I have said many times – You get what you deserve.