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Figured you'd get a kick out of this...now that I'm no longer worried about preserving my health as a competitive swimmer, I figured it was about time to take up the game I spend so much time watching. Granted, this is inline hockey, which is a lot tougher for a goalie since you can't slide around (and because our league is a 4-on-4 shooter's gallery with no icing and offsides), and I've only been playing since April, but it's good fun. It's also cheaper, as it's a public facility, so I don't have to pay for rink time as I would at the ice rink here (yes, we have one!). I'm most definitely a beginner and I could use improvement in just about every facet of my game, but I'm just trying to improve each weekend...fortunately, one of the skaters is a former high school goalie from Minnesota, so he's provided me with a lot of help. I also keep in touch with Matti Kaltiainen who has emailed me some tips from Finland. Wearing all of that gear for two-hour sessions in 85-90 degree weather definitely keeps you in shape, that's for sure!

And before you ask, the jersey is paying homage to the former New England Whalers (I could only find the Hartford crest), along with my interest in defunct sports logos.

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