2007 Award Winners

THE EAGLE’S EYE - Outstanding Opponent

Competition is what brings out the best in all of us. Finding a person to race is never a problem, but finding a great competitor, it’s some times tough; that individual who gives his or her best in the pool but leaves the race in the pool. This award gives us the opportunity to recognize some people in the other lanes. The recipients are chosen by the coaches sometimes with input from the graduating seniors.

Jeff Wren - University of Maine

Jeff has been playing this game for one more season than I. Jeff started as the Maine’s womens coach while I was a senior at the pool-less Boston College. I met him at the end of my first season (1973) when Maine hosted the second womens New England Championship. In the early seasons of womens collegiate swimming, Maine became the best in New England capturing most of the NEWISDA titles. We stared to challenge Maine for that top spot in the early ‘80s. As the Eagles and Black Bears battled in the water, the coaches have always remained good friends. We have had a great stretch of meets between BC and Maine with some of the most innovative line-ups that one (Jeff or myself) could think of. Presently we are on Jeff’s two day format that allows us to both prepare all our swimmers for th end of the season and to give the coach one more solid look at his team before choosing who moves on to the championships. I will still look forward to the trips to Maine and to Governor’s – but I will certainly miss competing against Jeff – a coach who embodies what The Eagle’s Eye is about – a great competitor who leaves the race in the pool.

Evan Swisher '07 - University of Massachusetts

To be honest, Evan gets this award different reason than most. Usually it is a combination of the individuals swimming talents and his persona on the deck – how he relates to his opponents. In this case it is usually how he relates to BC. However this one goes to Evan Swisher because he just swam so darn fast – and we got to see it twice. His 200 backstroke at the Terrier Invitational was such a great performance. His 1:48.63 at the Invite was impressive enough then at our dual meet two months later he turns in a 1:48.56. Amazing - and in this case award worthy – Congrats on great swimming..