Boston College Swimming & Diving - 2007

HAROLD M. GRODEN MD AWARD - Outstanding Performance

This award is named after the coach’s father. It is given to a swimmer or diver for the outstanding individual performance of the season - in a situation where he or she ‘rose to the occasion’ for the benefit of the team. Dr. Groden was a Boston College athlete (hockey - class of ‘35) and recognized the importance of competition and striving for excellence in athletics as well as academics.

2006 HM Groden Award Winners

This has always been one of my favorite awards. To me it is the essence of competition. It is not about times or just winning a race – it is about taking yourself to a higher level as a competitor. It is about seeing a need that your team has at that time and fulfilling that need not just with your best effort, but with that combination of effort and result that make a team succeed due to your success.

2007 Award Winner

HAROLD M. GRODEN MD AWARD - Outstanding Performance

Tom Nececkas -

Tom Nececkas '07 - Wayne, New Jersey

We had just suffered through a tough decision with the 100 freestyle against Rhode Island, where an apparent 1-2 had been turned into a tie for first. We had no one to blame but ourselves – it was our timing system that had failed. The result was left up to the eyes of the officials and URI got a big boost. A chance to make a little space had been lost. Next up was he 200 backstroke. I walked across the deck and said the same thing to all four of our entrants in the 200 backstroke.- “Five places score – let’s get any points that we can. They have an outstanding swimmer in this race.” Ryan Sheatsley had already captured the 200 freestyle and the 200 butterfly. I wanted all four of our guys to concentrate and hopefully minimize the damage here in the 200 backstroke. I was sure he would capture first but I was hoping we could hold off the other three Rams. Well Tom Nececkas picked a great time to turn in his best unshaved 200 backstroke of his career. He took off right from the beginning to take a lead that he stretched out through the first 100. Sheatsley tried to charge at the end but a combination of both the lead Tom had built up and the finish that he was able to provide gave us a very needed and unexpected win. Tom’s 2:00.13 was a great performance and one that came at a crucial time for the Eagles. It gave us a lead that we held on to by capturing the third relay meet against URI in the last five years.