Boston College Swimming & Diving - 2007

HAROLD M. GRODEN MD AWARD - Outstanding Performance

This award is named after the coach’s father. It is given to a swimmer or diver for the outstanding individual performance of the season - in a situation where he or she ‘rose to the occasion’ for the benefit of the team. Dr. Groden was a Boston College athlete (hockey - class of ‘35) and recognized the importance of competition and striving for excellence in athletics as well as academics.

2006 HM Groden Award Winners

This has always been one of my favorite awards. To me it is the essence of competition. It is not about times or just winning a race – it is about taking yourself to a higher level as a competitor. It is about seeing a need that your team has at that time and fulfilling that need not just with your best effort, but with that combination of effort and result that make a team succeed due to your success.

2007 Award Winners

HAROLD M. GRODEN MD AWARD - Outstanding Performance

Boston College at Colgate University

Nine Eagles Share the Groden Award for Amazing Come-Back

Boston College 151 - Colgate University 149

Maeve Brennan - Bradie Dwyer

Maeve Brennan ’08 Winnetka, Illinois - Bradie Dwyer ’08 Garden City, New York
Three meter diving - at Colgate University

Colgate had captured nine of the first thirteen events in the meet. They lead by a 136-109 score as we approached the last three events of the meet. I have a tough time giving up in meets so I insisted on getting the diving results before proceeding with the 400 individual medley. To be honest, the Colgate diving coach was being a bit of a pain. When he finally did post he results, I luckily noticed that they were identical to the one meter result. Consequently I continued to persist and finally after a while found out that Maeve Brennan had won the three meter event with a score of 236.18 and just as important was that Bradie Dwyer had taken second place with a score of 221.70 (over CU’s third place diver Swarr who had a score of 221.25). Erica Sorenson had also taken fifth place points and the Eagles 14-5 advantage had made the score 140-124.

Ashley Leprine - Mari Wunschel - Caitlin Doherty

Ashley Leprine ’10 New Fairfield, Connecticut -Mari Wunschel ’08 Santa Rosa, California
Caitlin Doherty ’10 Andover, Massachusetts
400 individual medley – at Colgate University

So up stepped our 400 IM swimmers and we knew the only result that would help us was a 1-2-3 sweep. At the end of the 100 butterfly Caitlin Doherty was winning with a 1:03.1 and Ashley Leprine held second (1:04.19). Colgate’s Baker was in third (1:04.49) and Mari Wunschel held fourth at 1:04.65. The backstroke was a great boost for us as all three Eagles touched with 2:15’s and Colgate’s best was at 2:17. After the breaststroke leg BC still held the top three spots but the Raider’s Colby Seamans had closed to within .35 hundreths of Caitlin for third place. Ashley and Mari were comfortably ahead and destined for the top two spots. Seamans stayed close for the first 50 freestyle but Caitlin pulled away on the last 50 for third place. Ashley’s 4:39.31, Mari’s 4:39.78 and Caitlin’s 4:42.22 had given the Eagles a 16-3 edge to close Colgate’s lead to 143-140. Which ever team captured the last relay would win the meet

Caroline Byron - Kelly Leahey - Megan Hurd - Libby Snyder

Caroline Byron ’09 Dallas, Pennsylvania - Kelly Leahey ’09 Allentown, Pennsylvania
Megan Hurd ’07 Centreville, Virginia - Libby Snyder ’08 Honeoye Falls, New York
200 freestyle relay – at Colgate University

So for the second time in two weeks our meet was coming down to the last relay. The Eagles sent up Caroline Byron, Kelly Leahey, Megan Hurd and Libby Snyder to face off against CU’s Fitzsimmons, Bottger, Marchi and Murphy. The last three of those girls had taken 1-2-4 in the 50 freestyle against Caroline, Kelly and Meg earlier in the meet. Caroline lead off against Fitzsimmons and her 24.15 gave BC a 1.45 second lead. Kelly turned in an impressive 24.28 but Bottger’s 23.88 cut the lead to 1.04 seconds. Meg then tossed in one of her best swims ever as an Eagle with 24.12 that was equaled by Marchi. Libby took off with that lead and turned in 24.45. A charging Murphy for the Raiders had a 23.54 but it was .13 seconds too slow. BC had an all-time unshaved best of 1:37.00 for the win. It was probably the most dramatic comeback that BC’s team has ever had and for the second time in eight days BC captured a meet on the last relay with a 151-149 score. A great meet to remember and cherish for years. Congratulations to all of you.