2007 Award Winners

THE MARY PAWLAK AWARD - Special Recognition


This award originated in 1988 as The Coach’s Award. In 1992, Mary Pawlak ‘88 joined the team as a coach and after one season succumbed to Hodgkins Disease. The award was fittingly renamed the Mary Pawlak Award. Despite Mary being a swimmer at the Heights, she made a bigger contribution when she returned to BC as an assistant coach. She was proud of the time she spent with the team and I am proud to recognize her contributions to the program. It seems the other awards always leaves some holes and some very deserving individuals do not get the recognition they deserve. These additional award winners will help fill that void.

Kim Garcia

Kim Garcia '07 - Denver, Colorado

Kim came into her senior year wanting a year to remember. She showed up ready to swim in great shape – she just had to get ready for the swimming part. She took great care of herself all season long. She did not let any part of her year pass without not only keeping up the physical commitment but, even more impressively, she kept up the mental edge. She knows that she is a distance swimmer – that is what makes her so valuable to the team. Her ability to swim strong distance races consistently is what makes her a necessity to this program. This year there was total preparation. This year there was total acceptance. During her final year at the Heights Kim raced 24,750 yards. She had some great performances in that total but none better than her weekend in North Carolina. She started the weekend with a school record in the 800 freestyle relay. One of the oddities of that 200 split was that it included her fastest 100 of all time – a 54.18. The next day she turned in an excellent 500 with a 5:05.99. Day three saw a very impressive 200 of 1:55.80. Her career would fittingly end on Saturday with the 1650 freestyle. Her 17:24.81 was her second fastest at BC, but Kim managed to take it out in a 10:25.27 for her fastest 1000 (and BC’s third best ever).
So my heartfelt congratulations and thanks go out to Kim. Thanks not only for all that you gave the program over your four years but even more so for demonstrating how it should be done. Come to the season ready – physically and mentally – put in the effort and maintain the positive attitude. You did get what you deserved. Thanks and keep this always as a remembrance of your college swimming career.

Amy Bromann
Amy Bromann '08 - Yorkville, Illinois

Once in my past life as an age group coach, I had a girl that was trying to break a minute in the 100 freestyle. She had been a 1:00.26 and then proceeded to improve her time nine consecutive races before she finally dropped below a minute. I continually sensed her frustration – but that happened over the course of just one month. Can you imagine trying to break a minute in the 100 backstroke for six years. Well Amy did it at the 2007 ACC Championship. She also turned in a personal best of 2:08.35 in the 200 backstroke. Amy has been a pleasure to have on the team as day after day there she is there with the effort and the discipline that got her to finally achieve her goal. I was very proud to have her lead off our 400 medley relay – a reward she earned by turning in the seasonal best time for BC in the 100 back. Just as impressive to me is her consistency. All season long Amy was a consistent contributor. One who made our backstroke strong every meet as evidenced by her ten 100 backstrokes under a 1:01. Amy was just as strong of a contributor in the 200 with a dozen 200 backs under a 2:13. Thanks for helping make the backstrokes a regular contributor to our success and for setting a new standard for you to go after in your senior year.