July 15, 2007


I have been waiting to reply to you until I have a solid plan for the fall.....and it is still up in the air so I decided to reply anyway! Hope all is well in Walpole and Chestnut Hill, and of course at the plex. I have been having a great summer in the warm weather and sun (almost every day so far!) in MN. I am doing research at the U of MN Vet School and am an intern at the AMerican Lung Association. Med School is a no-go for the fall, so I am planning to move to Chicago in the fall, live with a HS friend, and get a job in the health care industry. I would like to work for a few years and then re-apply to med school! I have been enjoying the summer.....but miss college and my friends dearly! I have mixed emotions in regards to swimming....i loved my career but am happy it came to a close on a good note! My new email is ksveum@gmail.com. I will track you down when I come back in town for some rowdy football saturdays!

Take care,