Hi again Tom,


Working my second night shift tonight and unlike last night (SAT), tonight is less busy so I had a moment to finish some thoughts I didn't convey in my first email.  Did not update you on the status of my family/life, etc. but do not feel compelled to put it in the alumni notes- just thought you'd be interested.


Lisa, my wife and I will celebrate 16 years of marriage Aug. 3rd.  Our 3 boys: Thomas, Andrew, and Matthew are 13, 11, and 6 respectively.  Until this year, they all played hockey for Edina.  Thomas and Matthew continue to play hockey, so we travel the state and go to a lot of rinks.  Andrew's love is soccer and he plays on the top level team and up one age group. 


All of us XC ski race, and that is what I love to do most with my time, although I still swim a fair amount in the off-season.  We got away to 4 ski races this year, and despite global warming, we managed to ski a lot.  A fair amount of training came on manmade snow.  The downhill area nearby lets XC skiiers train early in the a.m. before the alpine skiiers/boarders come.  Another park in town blows 2.5K of manmade snow on a loop for XC too.  I think our area is adapting in creative ways to the change in climate.  The boys also downhill and board a lot.  For the first time in years, Lisa and I got out west to ski at Tahoe for a med conference, and Thomas and I went to Big Sky, MT with his friend and dad.


Lisa is in her 17th year with our group, Emergency Physicians PA, and I'm in my 14th.  Our eldest son goes to Benilde-St. Margaret's, a local Catholic Jr/Sr HS.  The other 2 go across the street to Calvin Christian School.  We've been in our house 13 years this Sept. '07.


Lisa's parents live in Chicago, and my mom lives in Minnetonka, Mn in the house I grew up.  My father passed away 3 years ago and my brother and sister live locally.


Now for NCAA hockey.  The guy I ski race and run with is the uncle of Erik Johnson, defenseman on the MN Gopher hockey team this year.  It's been fun for me because I've gotten really interested in following the team this year and go to a number of games with Gary and my boys.  I was really hoping that BC and MN would meet in the semifinals in 2 weeks.  BC won their game today, clinching the Northeast championship, but MN lost in overtime to North Dakota Fighting Sioux, losing the West Division and out of the Final Four, so BC will play the Sioux in 2 weeks.  Erik Johnson was the number one NHL draft pick last year and signed to play eventually with the St. Louis Blues, but may play one more year with the Gophers before leaving MN.


Lisa has organized a mission trip to South America to try to impress upon our boys how fortunate we are to live the lives we have in the US.  I'm not sure they really get it, but we'll see.  We will be doing basic medical education, the boys will work at an orphanage, and we will do some conservation work in a rainforest in Ecuador.


I guess that's about it.  Again, thanks for keeping in touch.  Really nice to get the updates!