2008 Award Winners

James J. Kane - Academic Award

I was honored to name this award after James J Kane. Jim was associated with our sport and our school and our program for many years. He was an All-America Swimmer while at Southern Connecticut. He was the head coach at Boston College High School. He also was an Admissions Director for Boston College – the one responsible for making decisions on acceptance (or the other alternative) for all those names that I would bring to the Admissions table. He was important in creating the great working relationship that I have with Admissions. Jim passed away due to a brain tumor, so to honor Jim – I proudly named this award in his honor.

This is my most important award. It acknowledges why you came to BC. Many of you (and those before you) have performed admirably in the natatorium; but most of you have also performed just as well or better in the classroom

Last Spring’s team GPA for the women was an impressive 3.393 which once again qualifies BC for the highest category of the CSCAA Academic All-America Team. – Superior. They also managed to have over 90% at a 3.0 or better. This past fall the GPA slipped a bit to a 3.308 and the 3.0 crew also slipped to just below 85%, but once again we qualify for the top category of Academic All-America. The women’s team was also acknowledged by the Yawkey Group here at BC as the team with the highest GPA of BC’s thirty-one varsity sports.

The men had a strong semester last spring as they raised their GPA to a 3.178 that qualified the team for CSCAA Academic All-America – Excellent. They also had 82% of the squad at 3.0 or better. Ver impressively, this past fall with an infusion of so many freshmen (25), the team GPA rose dramatically to 3.268. One of the best ever for the men’s team. Also the Percentage of 3.0 or better dropped slightly to just under 80%.

Here are those at the top of this great group of student-athletes:

Fall 2007 Women       Men  
3.938 Tanya Suryoutomo '11   4.000 Sean Johnson '10
3.938 Kellen O'Gara '10   3.938 John Maloy '11
3.934 Caryn Switaj '10   3.884 Ben David '11
3.883 Stacey Boehm '10   3.833 Brian Sargenti '08
3.868 Libby Snyder '08   3.800 Tim Jordan '10
Spring 2007            
4.000 Leigh Going '07   3.975 Chris Wilson-Byrne '07
3.890 Kathryn Saylor '07   3.769 David Lin '07
3.884 Kristen Curtis '10   3.753 Tim Jordan '10
3.794 Caroline Byron '09   3.751 Dan Kollar '07
3.765 Kellen O'Gara '10   3.730 Andrew Rigoglioso '10

Chris Wilson-Byrne - - Kathryn Saylor - - CByron - -

Chris Wilson-Byrne'07 ------Tom Nececkas '07 -------- Kathryn Saylor '07 -------Joseph Maloy '08 ---------- Thomas Martz '07

- Libby Snyder - Tanya Suryoutomo -

-Matthew Northrup '07----- Libby Snyder '08 ----- Tanya Suryoutomo '08 ---- Mari Wunschel '08 --