2008 Award Winners

The Schwartz Award - For Excellence

We have played a game called “Schwartz” these past seasons. It was a game based on captain, Lauren Schwartz ’02. It was a game that acknowledged what she was able to do for four years – that was strive for excellence. Just like our school motto – Ever to Excel. Lauren was an excellent butterflyer for Boston College. In her four years at BC, in every practice she swam fly – always as it is supposed to be swum. She did it always with the proper breathing pattern, always swimming into every turn, and always touching with two hands. The results were as one would expect - no bad swims by Lauren Schwartz. Always coming through with that swim the team needed. Coaches expect and ask for the proper effort. Coaches look for those athletes that give that special effort that produces those exceptional results. I know that you seldom get more than you deserve. Most people who achieve deserve what they get. Usually those that do not achieve – have not put in that additional effort. They have not day after day strived for excellence.

That is what this Award is for – Excellence. For the chance to acknowledge those team members past and present that did those things – those extra things – that caused them to be successful swimmers, leaders, students or people.

Amy Bromann ’08 - Yorkville, Illinois
Joseph Maloy ’08 - Wildwood , New Jersey
Allison Rust ’08 - Mendota Heights, Minnesota
Colin Scott ’08 - Moraga, California
William Schwitter ’08 - Oradell, New Jersey
Libby Snyder ’08 - Honeoye Falls, New York
Mari Wunschel ’08 - Santa Rosa, California


I knew that I had a great group of captains this year – at least potentially. I had seven swimmers who through out their first three seasons, had followed the rules themselves. They were seven kids that never had trouble finding the pool, the dryland activities or the classroom. That makes them much better candidates for making sure that rules would be followed by those who had chosen them to be their leaders. As always I informed them that the honor dies after the first ten minutes and the job starts. Great captains work at it. They must be aware that they are both following and setting a standard for their team. I had just gone through a season where the leadership had let me and the team down and I felt it was time to set some new ground rules. So I put it to Joe, Mari, Libby, Allie, Amy, Colin and Billy to set some new rules particularly for behavior and responsibility while on the training trip. I knew that I was going to post a new set of rules but if I did not have the backing of my captains – I also knew that it would fail.
They did a great job – a truly great job. This past season was one of the best behaved ever and we shone in some other very important categories. The presence that we had at our pool and pools wherever we competed was both excellent and acknowledged. Some of the compliments that I received from the coaches at Yale, Northeastern, Tufts, Dartmouth, Springfield, Florida State, Boston U and Stony Brook mean a great deal to me as do the compliments from some of your parents, the BC doctor, the women at the rest stop on the Mass Pike, and others. The statement that a group’s attitude reflects the attitude of its leaders is one of the truest that exists. This group of captains this year took a difficult task that I gave them and excelled. This 2008 Schwartz Award for Excellence acknowledges these seven captains for Raising the Standard for Leadership. This is a standard that I will expect to be upheld in years to come.