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Hey Coach!

Its been awhile but rest assured I have been checking on the team's times and tried my best to be at Terrier a few weeks ago but the timing didnt work out with my visits. Ive noticed you have quite the freshman class, hope they are as good at water basketball.. Congrats on the 2nd place for the mens team at the meet and good luck for the season!

I am doing my best to move back to Boston in the coming months so I wanted to get back in touch! I have been very busy in DC, my internship with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (the interview I had that forced me to miss the Holy Cross meet and cancel the start of my 200 backstroke career ) is still going very well. Since June, I have been doing research that helps our regional teams determine the best use of USAID funds for projects ranging from women's political participation, to teaching election commissions in Nigeria and the PHilippines about funding for political parties. It has been an amazing experience so far going to work everyday in DC looking presentable and not reeking of chlorine in the morning. It was originally supposed to last until August, but I was asked to stay until January. In the meantime I have been looking at political research positions in Boston, hoping to move back to the city I have become quite smitten with over the last 4 years.

As far as swimming goes, after coaching my summer league team and staying in shape for the Coaches Relay , I retired from the sport. However I did join a masters team for about a month before I needed to make a choice between masters and coaching the 9 -12 year olds after work. I chose to coach because I love the kids, I got a parking spot close to the metro in the morning at the pool, and it prevents future collegiate athletes to go through butterfly thinking they can breathe every stroke. 

I also coach a clinic called FINS swimming for 4.5 hours on Sundays, ages ranging from 4-12. Just cant get enough.

Anyway i was just writing to say that I missed BC Swimming since graduating, although getting to practice was sometimes an issue for me, I truly enjoyed being there and being a mentor for the younger swimmers. BC was the best situation for me academically and athletically and you are a big part of that. Thank you so much for your coaching and teaching over the years, I have learned a lot, and not just to cough underwater. 

Also, if you happen to know anything out there either coaching-wise or if you happen to overhear a professor asking for a researcher around the political science department please let me know! I would be forever grateful, I miss the city, there are still a handful of BC '11 around that I would be overjoyed to be reunited with, and obviously I would most likely sign up for Masters swimming at BC. If nothing else, to challenge you to water basketball with your new freshman recruits and to Eagle Spa once more


Hope all is well, good luck with the rest of the season!


Forever your Super Captain


Ben Mindes
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IFES Applied Research Intern
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