80 Hotarek Sheppard, Christine - Chris Shepherd [2sheps@bellsouth.net]


Tom, I am soooo sorry that I have taken so long in writing. In my defense last year was not a year I wish to repeat, although I do believe that God has his plan and not until we come out of the dark can we see if even a glimmer of his purpose. To make a long and frightening story short, when Caitlin went to college last year here in Georgia she thought she did not want to swim and could have had the opportunity at the College of Charleston, but instead went to Georgia College and State Univ. in Milledgeville, GA. Fast forward…she has transferred to the College of Charleston, She absolutely loves Charleston AND is back I the pool as a walk-on for the team, J They had their first meet last week in Savannah and she was not too happy with her times but realizes she has come along way and will get there in due time. She loves being part of a team again, she has become so independent in just a short amount of time (bittersweet for me) and I keep thanking God. We are going up to Charlotte this Sat. to watch the CofC team swim against Davidson. One of her teammates from her aquatics club here is on the Davidson team so it should be a good time. Now our son Scott o the other hand is healthy and well, playing football and baseball and NOT however putting the time he needs into school. I keep reminding big Scott that he was not quite the student either while in HS. But he is a great kid nonetheless so I think I’ll keep him. J On a different note Scott and I attended the first Falcon game and sat with a group of BC people to cheer on Matt Ryan. Go Mattie Ice. And yes, we too are in morning about the Red Sox. L I am not doing much personal training right now but concentrating on my ‘Seniors’ and teaching ‘SilverSneaker’ classes. I love it. I write a monthly newsletter for them and we have a social each month as well. Well, enough said. Hope Sara and your girls are well. Hope to talk to you soon.

Love, Chris