Paul Schneider []

TG- great to hear from you! Best of luck on the trip!

I am going to get my 5 year old over to the Heights to watch a meet for sure. She is already a much better swimmer than I was & can do backstroke much more proficiently!

Still have hockey tix and will be on campus with the family on Friday night.

Life update:

Still live in Walpole- consulting at a spinal implant company in Mansfield. 2 girls: ages 5 & 3 keep my wife and I very busy. Not swimming and fatter than ever.

Let me know if you want to get out and play a little golf- I suck as I have recently taken it back up again but should be entertaining perhaps I can rustle up some other ‘92ers. Saw Maarteen and Peter Carignan a couple of months back at old roommate John Larkin’s house in Hopedale. Good time mixing the clans for sure!

Talk to you soon.



From: Thomas Groden []
Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 1:14 PM
Subject: Fall 2008 Trips

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