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Hi Tom,


I am sorry to say that sent you a false alarm!  I was coming up with a couple of roommates that just backed out in the past 24 hours so my plan has totally imploded!  So, I am afraid that won't be able to see you as I am not heading to Boston any longer this weekend.


I do want to come up for a visit at some point.  Both my girls are swimmers and I would love to show them the campus and pool. They are still very young but having a great time in the pool!  My youngest, Gretchen (7), seems to be a freestyle sprinter.  She already does a 25 with no breath!  I did tell her to please take one!  She is excited for her 8 and under season!  My oldest, Alex (9), is strong in all the stokes especially back and fly...(I have no idea where that came from!).  IM is her best. I think they will both be taller than me!


I admit that I was slightly nauseous when I realized they would be swimmers but it is fun to watch them enjoy all the things about swimming that I did, especially the friends and coaches!  It looks like we are in for the long haul! life is emergency doctor by day, swim mom by evening!    To catch you up on the past many years...I went to Georgetown for Med school, where I met my husband (not a doctor).  We moved to Nashville, TN for my residency at Vanderbilt and ended up staying for 9 YEARS!!!  It was a great place to be but I was happy to move back to CT 3 years ago.  We now live in Old Greenwich.  Things are going great! I am now a runner and not a swimmer but that is because I refuse to wake up early!  I work at Norwalk Hospital Emergency Department and I am surprised that I have not seen Bob Yap to walk through the doors in the entire 3 years that I haved worked there!! 


I checked out the BC Women's Swim Team website and your team looks great!  Very fast!  I would never make the relay now!  Good thing that I graduated when I did!


Hope all is well and I will let you know when I be up to visit!  GO EAGLES!!


Best regards,



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Sara and I will be going to the game but do not know where I will be.  My cell is 508-404-6908.   Email me your number and hopefully we can catch up.



Tom Groden, Head Coach

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Hi Tom,


How are you?  I know I have been out of touch for SO long but I wanted to touch base as I am coming up to BC this Saturday for the Notre Dame game.  I was wondering if you were going to be around.  I would love to pop in and say "hi" and fill you in on the past two decades! Yikes!!


I moved back to CT 3 years ago from TN so it is time for a BC visit!  Can't wait!