From: Chris Kondrath []
Sent: Friday, November 02, 2007 10:59 PM
To: Tom Groden
Subject: CKo...Behind the Bulge

Hey TG - It's time for my semi-quasi-annu-bi-centeni-leap-monthly status
report on all things Kondrath. I believe my previous update many moons
ago had me wheelchair bound and pushing 400lbs. Well, miraculously,
I've made a full recovery, thanks in part to that tale being a complete
hoax. Otherwise, the past few years have been fraught with occurrences,
happenings, and goings ons. Here's the abridged version:

Immigrated to the Pacific NW back in SEP03 to take a job with the only
company I've ever wanted to work for...Nike (I had been working at
Niketown on Newbury St. for 9 months prior). Sadly, after 4 years with
the Swoosh pies out in Beaverton, OR, I realized if I ever wanted to
advance my career and have a salary that consists of more than t-shirts
and Air Jordans, I needed to leave. In SEP07, I defected and hitched my
star to the adidas machine in Portland, OR. Getting some good
experience here in hopes that I can someday return to the Swoosh, this
time garnishing a heftier ransom of Phil Knight's treasure.

What else? Well, I'm currently living with my girlfriend Carissa
(see photo below), her Weimaraner Cannon, and my 2 Basset Hounds Newman
& Buford. Things tend to get a little messy at times what with all the
drool, skylarking, and shedding......the dogs are a handful too.
Swam quite a bit when I first got out here (Nike's facility makes the
Plex look like, well...the Plex), but lately I've been doing more
running. I'm working my way up the ladder when it comes to my training
distance. If all goes as planned, I should be able to get in a full 100
yards by 2010! Kidding - I'm no marathoner, but I try and get 5 miles
in a day during my lunch.

Been trying to make it back to Beantown at least once/year since my
pilgrimage West. Keeping in touch with Mulgrew, Lawrence, Pierce,
and Yeltsin mostly but it's always good to find out how everyone else is
faring. Anywho, thanks again for your help in possibly scoring some BC
Bowl game tickets. Maybe next time I make it back East I'll drop by for
some meal money :) I look forward to my next update in eleventeen
years... Sayonara!

Chris Kondrath
Global Supply Planning

CKo at the beach CKo & Carissa