2004  Award Winners




                This award is named for Kevin Conway ‘84.  Kevin was both a swimmer and a diver on the BC team.  He competed in his sophomore year.  At the end of the year while celebrating the finish of exams at Rockport, he was swept off the jetties into the ocean and drowned.  An award was established to ‘honor’ Kevin.  In establishing the award we did not want to make Kevin into something he was not.

                “After not swimming his freshman year, Kevin joined as a sophomore and competed in both swimming & diving.  He did not get serious with his training until the latter part of the season.  He finished up with a great meet at the Big East - personal  best in all events.  His plan developed for ‘next year’ - all the right things: weights, practices, and most important the Christmas Training Trip that he missed this season.  Kevin never had a next year - promises unfulfilled.  For the award we decided to reward what Kevin planned to do.”

                To relate the award to Kevin the following criteria was established for the Kevin Conway Award:

1.        The award will be made to members of the sophomore class - male and female.

2.        Both swimmers and divers are eligible.

3.        The coach chooses the recipients based on ‘promises fulfilled’.  The swimmer or diver that made the most of what was available to him or her.


Kevin Conway was also a photographer.  The plaque with the names of the winners of this award bears one of the photos that Kevin took of the Gasson Tower.  There is also a series of photos of Boston College hanging in the housing office that were taken by Kevin.


Kurt Zwald                  ‘06                   Honolulu, Hawaii


Kurt had a great season as his team made it to the Frozen Four.  I am sure this greatly enhanced his memorabilia collection.  How many new t-shirts?  (For all those Hawaiian relatives that keep appearing here in New England.)  And Kurt also continued to show his value to his other team – us.  After watching the Brute Squad ranks greatly diminish through graduation (Matthias Schildwatcher and the Boss – Jack Beierle) through travels (Mark Fennell) and a stay home (Mike Dellamano) – Kurt was left with that 200 fly race that once again got tough to fill.  This coach, after being spoiled for a few years with multiple choices for the toughest dual meet event, had to look in the same spot meet after meet.  Kurt works hard and is always trying to improve.  His two years at the Heights have been very successful and I as a coach have benefited.  Along with being an excellent student – as his 3.638 GPA proves he helps me be a better coach.    When you see a team like UNH come in and be very competitive for the first five events and then not even have an entry in the 200 butterfly – you can understand what every coach goes through at some time during his or her career.  So, Kurt, thanks for all your work and for making one of those tough check marks for each dual meet easier.


Holly Boucher                        ‘06                   Andover, Massachusetts


Holly Boucher is why I coach here at Boston College.  Right from the beginning, when she came on her recruiting trip – she was, as I recall, with a large group of recruits.  Sitting next to me on the pool deck she told me that she wanted to go to BC.  I took her away from the crowd and we went out on the patio to talk.  When we were done, I knew I was going to Admissions with her name. As most of you know I do not contact recruits – because I do not have to.  I have a room full of proof in front of me.  There are so many good to great kids that want to go to BC.  Fortunately, many of them are good swimmers and divers.  Back to Holly – next fall there she is at BC.  As practice starts she is there every day working hard – pleasure to watch and a pleasure to coach.  But she is struggling academically – overwhelmed is the word.  A few email conversations with her parents and even that awful “transfer” word comes up.  But out of my mouth comes – Learning Resources.  Well Holly gets her feet on the ground academically and I am the proudest coach around when I am writing up this years Academic Press release and there is Holly Boucher’s name in the 3.5 plus GPA pile.  I believe that any recruit that Admissions will say “yes” to when I ask can do the academics – they just have to work at it.

So it is a pleasure to give this award to Holly who fulfills all the criteria of the award and all I look for in a swimmer.  She wanted to be here at BC.  She works hard at succeeding academically.  She is there at the pool every single day – I never have to wonder where she is.  She pushes herself at every practice.  She races hard.  And best of all she smiles every day.  Holly Boucher is why I coach here at Boston College.



The Kevin Conway Award - Past Winners


                2003        Erin Fransen                          ’05                           Eden Prairie, Minnesota

                                David Herman                                                       San Anselmo, California

                                Keri Rubeis                                                           Syracuse, New York

                2002        Lisa DelSignore                    ’04                           Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

                                Andy Naumann                                                    Tucson, Arizona

2001        Nick Riolo                              '03                           San Jose, California            

                                Caitlin Klick                                                           Chelmsford, Massachusetts

2000        Steven Hunter                      ’02                           Chester, New York

                                Brianne Sullivan                                                   Staten Island, New York

                1999        Russ Keil                               ’01                           Tiburon, California

                                Kristen Gray                                                          West Boylston, Massachusetts

                1998        Joanna Myer                         ‘00                           Leominster, Massachusetts

                                Fletcher Evans                                                      Mercer Island, Washington

                1997        Patty Schoenhaus                                ‘99                           Edison, New Jersey

                                Steve Szejner                                                        Bowling Green, Kentucky

                1996        Allison Hughes                    ‘98                           Norwell, Massachusetts

                                Jonathan Shapiro                                                 Middletown, Connecticut

                1995        Holly Bickle                           ‘97                           Vulcan,  Michigan

                                Tod Pierce                                                             Convent Station,  New Jersey

                1994        Christen English                   ‘96                           Ridgewood,  New Jersey

                                Scott Cornick                                                        Mill Creek,  Washington

                1993        Daniel Chertow                     ‘95                           Evanston,  Illinois

                                Daniel Mulgrew                                                    Malden,  Massachusetts

                                Sarah Quebec                                                       Newton,  Massachusetts

                1992        Heather Bickle                      ‘94                           St Louis,  Missouri

                                Mic Burns                                                             Northfield,  Illinois

                1991        Beverly Lazarski                   ‘93                           West Chester,  Pennsylvania

                                Curt Jablonowski                                                 Warren,  Pennsylvania

                1990        Suzanne Marion                   ‘92                           Cherry Hill,  New Jersey

                                Mike Ryan                                                             Hamden,  Connecticut

                1989        Teresa Holland                     ‘91                           Old Lyme,  Connecticut

                                Rick McMorrow                                                   Lincoln,  Massachusetts

                1988        Molly Schweizer                   ‘90                           Plano,  Texas

                                Todd Hewett                                                         Bradford,  Massachusetts

                                Steve Murray                                                        Winchester,  Massachusetts

                1987        Gillian Fucigna                      ‘89                           Douglastown,  New York

                                Aaron Thompson                                                 Dover,  New Hampshire

                1986        Kathy Koval                         ‘88                           Randolph,  New Jersey

                                Ed Holland                                                            Lynn,  Massachusetts

                1985        Mary Beth Jacobs                ‘87                           Canton,  Massachusetts

                                Jon Blood                                                              Braintree,  Massachusetts

                1984        Sheila Malloy                        ‘86                           Fall River,  Massachusetts

                                Kevin Kenny                                                        Basking Ridge,  New Jersey

                                Geoff Geis                                                              Riverside,  Illinois

                1983        Denise Callahan                   ‘85                           Norwalk,  Connecticut

                                Lonnie Quinn                                                        Cheshire,Connecticut