2003  Award Winners



 THE EAGLE’S EYE - Outstanding Opponent


Competition is what brings out the best in all of us.  Finding a person to race is never a problem, but finding a great competitor, it’s some times tough.  That individual who gives his or her best in the pool but leaves the race in the pool.  This award gives us the opportunity  to recognize some people in the other lanes.  The recipients are chosen by the coaches with input from the graduating seniors.

Scott Rimm  ‘04


College of the Holy Cross


Scott Rimm finishes his career for Holy Cross.  He has been a dominant opponent for us in each of the last four seasons.  In this seasons concluding meet versus Barry Parenteau’s Crusaders, Scott won three events for the visitor’s – the 50-100-200 freestyles.  His aggressive tactics make him a pleasure to watch and a challenge for our swimmers to try and catch up to him.


Katie Kane  ‘04


Northeastern University


                Katie Kane is one of those swimmers that sneak up on you.  Always very competitive but then there is that jump where all of a sudden she seems unbeatable.  She was certainly that way for Roy Coates’ Huskies this year.  In our dual meet she was a three time winner and all three were BC-NU Meet Records.  She was on the 200 medley relay (1:47.93) and she won both the 100 & 200 breaststrokes (1:05.44 & 2:24.24).  Swimmers like Katie Kane turn meets like BC-NU into the competitions we like.



Eagle’s Eye - Past Winners


2003                        Mick Westkott                                     Univ of Rhode Island

                                                                Katherine Larson                                 Univ of Connecticut

                                2002                        Chris Lengle                                          Georgetown University

                                                                Kate Mailman                                       Northeastern University

2001                        Michael Frenza                                     Providence College

                                                                Kristen Zeimitz                                     Univ of New Hampshire

2000                        Abigail Clark                                         Boston University

                                                                Kristen Latourelle                                Univ of New Hampshire

                                1999                        Carla Clemente                                      Providence College

                                                                Ian Smith                                               Univ of New Hampshire

                                1998                        Denise Leckonby                                 Univ of New Hampshire

                                1997                        Hilary Krug                                           Univ of Connecticut

                                                                Walter Bell                                            Seton Hall University

                                1996                        Scott Bloeman                                      Northeastern University

                                                                Beth Iacobucci                                     Univ of Rhode Island

                                1995                        Allyson Dunleavey                             Providence College

                                1994                        Danielle Fischer                                    Univ of Connecticut

                                                                Sebastian Goulet                                  Syracuse University

                                1993                        Michael Coady                                     Univ of Connecticut

                                                                Dave Zakrewski                                    Univ of Connecticut

                                1992                        Laura Lee Sullivan                               Univ of Pittsburgh

                                                                Bob Goldberg                                       Univ of Connecticut

                                1991                        Janet Bishop                                         Northeastern University

                                                                Jerry Bailey                                           Univ of New Hampshire

                                1990                        Cindi Luciani                                         Providence College

                                                                Matt Gilson                                           Univ of Rhode Island

                                                                GT Ladd                                 Univ of Massachusetts

                                1989                        Susan Manco                                       Providence College

                                                                Paul Soligon                                          Providence College

                                1988                        Sybil Smith                                            Boston University

                                                                Tad Hollworth                                      Univ of Rhode Island

                                1987                        Doug Rounds                                       Univ of Connecticut

                                1986                        Anne Ackerson                                    Springfield College

                                                                Tom Birmingham                                  Univ of Connecticut

                                1985                        Emily Cole                                             Univ of New Hampshire

                                                                Bruce Carbone                                      Worcestor Poly Tech

                                1984                        Sue James                                              Univ of Rhode Island

                                                                John Taffe                                             Univ of Rhode Island

                                1983                        Donna Heinel                                        Springfield College

                                                                Ed Landry                                              Univ of New Hampshire

                                1982                        Sue Hershkovitz                                   Univ of Rhode Island

                                                                Craig Campbell                                     Northeastern University


400 Medley Relay – New Boston College Record – 3:50.46

2004 ECAC Champions – Meet Record

Carolyn Bowman ’07, Caitlin Healey ’04, Torey Thelin ’06, Juliet Paradine ‘07