2004  Award Winners


HAROLD M. GRODEN MD AWARD - Outstanding Performance


This award is named after the coach’s father.  It is given to a swimmer or diver for the outstanding individual performance of the season - in a situation where he or she ‘rose to the occasion’ for the benefit of the team.  Dr. Groden was a Boston College athlete (hockey - class of ‘35) and recognized the importance of competition and striving for excellence in athletics as well as academics.


The HM Groden Award was actually created to as a response to a great swim.  Back in 1985 the final meet of the season for the men’s team was against the University of Connecticut.  It was the first season when the New England’s and the Big East were on the same weekend so we would only have one shaved meet to conclude the season.  Captain Lonnie Quinn ’85 suggested that we shave for U Conn as our second shave.  The Huskies were a consistent top five team in the New England’s where BC had never been in the top ten.  It seemed like a great fit and the team agreed.  The meet came down to the last individual event - the 200 breaststroke.  CT had two breaststrokers who had both been 2:17 so far that season.  BC had Kevin Foley ‘88 who had already done a personal best of 2:24 that year and Dean Schneble ’87.  Dean’s personal best was 2:18 and seasonal best was a 2:21.  Three asides here – first -  only three places scored at this time with 5 for 1st, 3 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd.   Second – Kevin Foley was swimming his first meet of the semester as he cut the cast off his broken arm to shave for this meet.  Third – We needed this event as U Conn’s 400 free relay had all four swimmers back from the crew that had won last year’s New Englands and set a NE record.  Kevin Foley got us started.  His split for the first 100 was a personal best for his 100.  Kevin died badly but he had set the pace.  Despite “dying badly”, Kevin still dropped five full seconds off his time to a 2:19, but it was only good enough for fourth place.  The two Huskies went 2:17 and 2:18 for second and third but the Eagle’s Dean Schneble had amazingly done a 2:13.  He had taken eight seconds off his seasonal best and a full five off his personal best.  A swim great enough for a BC win versus U Conn and worthy of creating this award.  The Eagles inspired by Dean’s effort then went out and closed out the meet by beating CT’s free relay to finalize the Boston College victory.


2004 HM Groden Award Winners


This has always been one of my favorite awards.  To me it is the essence of competition.  It is not about times or just winning a race – it is about taking yourself to a higher level as a competitor.  It is about seeing a need that your team has at that time and fulfilling that need not just with your best effort, but with that combination of effort and result that make a team succeed due to your success.


2004  Award Winners


HAROLD M. GRODEN MD AWARD - Outstanding Performance


            Andy Faughnan                      ’07                   Darien, Connecticut

            David Herman                       ’05                   San Anselmo, California

            Andy Naumann                      ’04                   Tucson, Arizona

            Matt Northrup                       ’07                   Fayetteville, New York


                        400 Freestyle Relay at the ECAC Championship


                One of our ECAC goals had been achieved in the trials of this event.  We had qualified for finals, so for the first time at the ECAC’s we managed to make the top eight (finals) in all five relays.  All the relays had seasonal best times, though for sure we were disappointed by once again just missing the school record in the 800 freestyle.  On Sunday night in the final race of an excellent season, Frosh Andy Faughnan lead off with a seasonal best 46.77.  Then Dave Herman added a 47.56 as Andy Naumann prepared while freshman Faughnan jumped around celebrating his swim.  The Tucson senior composed himself and added a 46.72.  Matt Northrup then anchored one more time.  His 46.27 gave us a final time of 3:07.32 and a fifth place finish in the meet.  This time broke the oldest team record – set at the New Englands in 1989.  That time of 3:07.49 was set by Aaron Thompson ’89, Todd Hewett ’90, Rob Strong ’91 and Maarten Kraaijvanger ’92.  It is also the first time we have broken a BC Relay Record since 1995.  Hopefully this quartet will get these Eagles rolling towards a number of new relay records for the upcoming seasons.  It was a very fitting end to a great season.  It was also a treat for me as a coach to see a great swimmer for BC, Andy Naumann, have such a fitting end to his career.  He contributed in so many ways – it is right that he walks out the door with his name on the record board.

 Faughnan - Freestyle

Andy Faughnan ‘07 – Lead-off Split – 46.77Herman - Freestyle

Dave Herman ’05 – 2nd Swimmer – 47.56 split

Andy Naumann ’04 – 3rd Swimmer – 46.72 split

Northrup - Freestyle

Matt Northrup ’07 – Anchor – 46.27 split





            Liz Byron                    ’06                   Dallas, Pennsylvania


vs the University of Connecticut


                Bob Goldberg brought his UConn Huskies to the plex to conlude the Eagles 2004 dual meet season.  We were coming off a tough loss to Northeastern.  I know no one felt worse about that loss than Liz Byron, who had slipped on the blocks at the start of the 50 freestyle.  UConn has been a tough opponent as we lost a dozen straight meets to them (after winning the first twelve).  We had been close a couple of times having scored 145 (twice) and 149 once in the last seven years.  I looked at us versus CT after our NU meet and felt we had a chance – if we swam great.  Things started out looking like a Huskie romp as they took four of the first five races.  Only a Caitlin Healey’s 200 gave us a win.  Then Lauren Keibler took the 200 butterfly before Liz Byron won two of the next three events.  She sandwiched Katelyn Cox’s 3 meter win between taking both the 50 and 100 freestyles.  Her 100 freestyle of 53.26 was a meet record.  UConn came back again to take the next three events and a 120 to 106 lead.  Liz joined with Torey Thelin and Lauren Keibler for the second place of a 1-2-3 sweep to get BC back into the meet.  A Jen Rhines win on one meter gave BC a lead but that disappeared in the IM.  So the meet came down to the 200 freestyle relay.   Caitlin Healey, Megan Hurd and Holly Boucher handed Liz a slight lead.  It was no contest as Liz’s 23.70 was almost a half second faster than the Huskie’s anchor.  The result was a tie – a tie that broke CT’s 12 meet win streak and kept our series even after twenty five years.  An example of someone rising to the occasion four times in the same meet – all contributing to a great team result.


Boston College 150 – UConn 150.

Liz Byron – 2004 HM Groden Award Winner

Byron - Butterfly


Harold M Groden MD Award - Outstanding Performance - Past Winners


2003        Torey Thelin                         '06                           Darien, Connectict

                                Lauren Keibler                      ’04                           Prospect, Kentucky

                                Liz Byron                               ’06                           Dallas, Pennsylvania

                                Tim Tully                               ’05                           New Rochelle, New York

                                Andy Naumann                    ’04                           Tucson, Arizona

                                Brandon Twichell,                ’05                           Fayetteville, New York

                2002        Matt Baker                            ’03                           Lakewood, Washington

                                Caitlin Healey                       ’04                           Needham, Massachusetts

2001        Christopher Murphy           '01                           Westminister, Colorado

                                Nicole Duffy                         '03                           Fairfax, Virginia

                                Caitlin Healey                       '04                           Needham, Massachusetts

                                Lauren Keibler                      '04                           Prospect, Kentucky

                                Caitlin Klick                           '03                           Chelmsford, Massachusetts

                                Alexis Kostopoulos             '02                           Marblehead, Massachusetts

                                Michelle Lane                       '04                           Kentwood, Michigan

                                Joanne Paleo                         '04                           Mount Kisco, New York

                                Lauren Schwartz                   '02                           Mount Laurel, New Jersey

                                Brianne Sullivan                   '02                           Staten Island, New York

                                Nina Suryoutomo                 '03                           Fremont, California

2000        Matthias Schildwachter      ’03                           Yorktown Heights, New York

                                Nicole Duffy                         ’03                           Chesterfield, Missouri

                                Lauren Schwartz                   ’02                           Mount Laurel, New Jersey

                1999        Ken Barton                            ’01                           Meridan, Connecticut

                                Marc Manganiello               ’01                           Norwich, Vermont

                                Brian O’Neill                         ’01                           Reno, Nevada

                                Sara Guerena                         ’99                           Santa Barbara, California

                1998        Sara Guerena                         ‘99                           Santa Barbara, California   

                                Patty Schoenhaus                ‘99                           Edison, New Jersey

                                Rachel Enos                          ‘99                           Ipswich, Massachusetts

                                Greg Dwyer                           ‘00                           Rochelle Park, New Jersey

                1997        Maggie Villamana                ‘98                           Tucson, Arizona

                                Shane Foley                          ‘99                           New Milford, New Jersey

                                Greg Dwyer                           ‘00                           Rochelle Park, New Jersey

                1996        Steve Yap                              ‘98                           Norwalk,  Connecticut

                                Maggie Villamana                ‘98                           Tucson,  Arizona

                1995        Megan Lammon                   ‘96                           Cumberland,  Rhode Island

                                John Webber                        ‘95                           Stamford,  Connecticut

                1994        Holly Bickle                           ‘94                           St Louis,  Missouri

                                John Webber                        ‘95                           Stamford,  Connecticut

                1993        Heather Bickle                      ‘94                           St Louis, Missouri

                                John Webber                        ‘95                           Stamford,  Connecticut

                1992        Beverly Lazarski                   ‘93                           West Chester,  Pennsylvania

                                Maarten Kraaijvanger         ‘92                           Saunderstown, Rhode Island

                1991        Heather Bickle                      ‘94                           St Louis,  Missouri

                                Maarten Kraaijvanger         ‘92                           Saunderstown,  Rhode Island

                1990        Cat Lukas                              ‘90                           Riverside,  Connecticut

                                Todd Hewett                         ‘90                           Bradford,  Massachusetts

                1989        Gillian Fucigna                      ‘89                           Douglastown,  New York

                                Craig Jones                           ‘91                           Darien,  Connecticut

                                Mike Ryan                             ‘92                           Hamden,  Connecticut

                                Peter Sullivan                        ‘91                           Chelmsford,  Massachusetts

                1988        Kristen Murphy                   ‘88                           Acton,  Massachusetts

                                Craig Jones                           ‘91                           Darien,  Connecticut

                1987        Tara McKenna                     ‘87                           Westport,  Connecticut

                                Suzy Sullivan                        ‘88                           Rockville Centre,  New York

                                400 Free Relay - NE’s

                                   Todd Hewett                      ‘90                           Bradford,  Massachusetts

                                   Aaron Thompson             ‘89                           Dover,  New Hampshire

                                   Alan Johnson                    ‘90                           Emmaus,  Pennsylvania

                                   Scott Williams                   ‘87                           Cheshire,  Connecticut

                                   Roberto Ayala                   ‘87                           Mexico City,  Mexico

                1986        Suzy Sullivan                        ‘88                           Rockville Centre,  New York

                                Greg Greene                          ‘88                           Chatham,  Massachusetts

                1985        Tara McKenna                     ‘87                           Westport,  Connecticut

                                Dean Schneble                     ‘87                           Plainsboro,  New Jersey