2003  Award Winners


James J. Kane - Academic Award


I was honored to name this award after James J Kane.  Jim was associated with our sport and our school and our program for many years.  He was an All-America Swimmer while at Southern Connecticut.  He was the head coach at Boston College High School.  He also was an Admissions Director for Boston College – the one responsible for making decisions on acceptance (or the other alternative) for all those names that I would bring to the Admissions table.  He was important in creating the great working relationship that I have with Admissions.  Jim passed away due to a brain tumor, so to honor Jim – I proudly named this award in his honor. 


This is my most important award.  It acknowledges why you came to BC.  Many of you (and those before you) have performed admirably in the natatorium; but most of you have also performed just as well or better in the classroom.  This past Spring 72% of the women and 68% of the men had a GPA of over 3.0.  Then all of a sudden a strange thing happen this Fall.  The men for the first time ever better their female counterparts in this stat.  The men had 75% of the team at 3.0 and better while the women had 65%.  This was one of the best ever for the men.  I am sure that this Spring the women will retain their rightful GPA position.  Both teams continue to qualify for the Academic All-America Award distributed by the CSCAA.


                Fall        2002                          Nina Suryoutomo                 4.000       Andy Naumann                    4.000

                                                                Liz Byron                               3.934       Travis McGahey                  3.898

                                                                Keri Rubeis                           3.800       Mark Fennell                         3.868

Katelyn Cox                          3.769       Nicholas Riolo                      3.800

Lisa DelSignore                    3.745       Brian McLaughlin                3.665

Spring   2002                        Jennifer Gartner                    3.948       Andy Naumann                    4.000

                                                Nina Suryoutomo                 3.934       Mark Fennell                         3.868

                                                Lauren Schwartz                   3.918       Travis McGahey                  3.802

                                                Brianne Sullivan                   3.890       Brian McLaughlin                3.666

                                                Kolleen Skoney                    3.780       Roger Kaiser                         3.600

Fall          2001                        Nina Suryoutomo                 3.934       Andy Naumann                    4.000

                Spring    2001                        Nina Suryoutomo                 3.934       Jack Beierle                           3.938

                Fall          2000                        Pam Foschi                            4.000       Jay Stephens                        3.868

                Spring    2000                        Pam Foschi                            4.000       Brian O’Neill                         3.848

                Fall          1999                        Sara Helfrich                         3.87         Brian O’Neill                         3.74

                Spring    1999                        Megan Gavin                        4.00         Mike Walsh                          3.92

                                                                Rachel Enos                          4.00                                                                         Fall          1998                        Megan Gavin                        3.93         Mike Walsh                          3.87

                Spring    1998                        Rachael Quebec                   3.93         Russ MacTough                  3.93

                Fall          1997                        Abby Gustafson                  4.00         Paul Scansaroli                     3.71

                Spring    1997                        Mary Beth Weston              3.94         Jon Shapiro                           3.93

                                                                Kendra Johnson                   3.94        

                Fall          1996                        Meg Galli                               4.00         Steve Szejner                        3.66

                Spring    1996                        Meg Galli                               3.93         Steve Szejner                        3.93

                                                                                                                                Shane Foley                          3.93

                Fall          1995                        Kerrin McDonald                 4.00         Boris Jaskille                         3.86

                Spring    1995                       

                Fall          1994                        Katelyn Lindstrom               4.00         Dan Mulgrew                        3.75

                Spring    1994                        Christen English                   3.93         Carl Giordano                        3.80

                Fall          1993                        Kristen Downey                   3.91         Carl Giordano                        3.73

                Spring    1993                        Sarah Quebec                       3.93         Curt Jablonowski                 3.67

                                                                                                                                Boris Jaskille                         3.67

                Fall          1992                        Sarah Quebec                       3.80         Curt Jablonowski                 3.92

                Spring    1992                        Belinda Fuchs                       3.93         John McCaffrey                   3.93

                Spring    1991                        Kristin Rauscher                  3.87         Curt Jablonowski                 3.67