2004  Award Winners

THE MARY PAWLAK AWARD - Special Recognition

                This award originated in 1988 as The Coach’s Award.  In 1992, Mary Pawlak ‘88 joined the team as a coach and after one season succumbed to Hodgkins Disease.  The award was fittingly renamed the Mary Pawlak Award.  Despite Mary being a swimmer at the Heights, she made a bigger contribution when she returned to BC as an assistant coach.  She was proud of the time she spent with the team and I am proud to recognize her contributions to the program.  It seems the other awards always leaves some holes and some very deserving individuals do not get the recognition they deserve.  These additional award winners will help fill that void.

Andy Naumann                      ’04                   Tucson, Arizona

How I wished when he hit the wall during that 200 individual medley at ECAC’s that he had been twenty-five hundredths faster.  Many of you think when I talk about a Maarten Kraaijvanger, a Curt Jablonowski, a Geoff Geis, a Tara McKenna, a Suzie Sullivan, a Sara Schwarz Groden and many more plus their contributions to BC Swimming and Diving; that I hold them up as revered – as untouchable.  That is not at all the case.  They were just like you, Boston College student-athletes that came before you.  It is just that they set the standard by which I measure you.  Can you swim as fast as them or dive as well?  Can you bee the worker that she was or the competitor that he was?  Can you be that combination of competitor, leader and student?  There is nothing that would have pleased me more than to make that call and tell Curt Jablonowski that Andy Naumann had broken his 200 IM.  Sorry, no record – but certainly no failure.  Andy concluded his swimming at ECAC’s properly.  More personal bests, better placings than ever before, great leadership, a good teammate, an excellent student and of course that aforementioned (previous award – HM Groden) school record in the 400 free relay.  Many people do not give so much to a team nor take away as much as Andy has – but like so many that I mention on these nights – he is only getting what he deserves – and for that he has my thanks. 

Andy Naumann ’04 – 2004 Pawlak Award Winner

Chris Wilson Byrne             ’07                Wellesley, Massachusetts


Well, I knew first that he was

 a guy and could fall off the

 diving board.  Then I knew

 he was smart and that

 Admissions wanted him to

 come to BC.  Then I found

 out that he was a musician

 and the band wanted him to

 come to BC.   When I talked

 of the incoming freshman

 class of guys – both deep and

 talented – he was the “at the

 end” – oh, yeah and a diver.

  Then I found out how good

 of a musician he was.  Next I

 found out how good a

 student he was – as he

 replaces Nina Suryoutomo as

 our “Presidential Scholar”.

  Then the best discovery – he

 can dive.  Chris’s season had

 him in 6th place on the team

 in both scoring and first

 places.  After a season of

 working with Deanna, Chris

 qualified for the ECAC’s

 where he was a finalist.  His

 work ethic has made him

 succeed in a number of areas

–         thankfully for us one of

–         them is diving.



The Mary Pawlak Award - Past Winners

                2003                        Katelyn Cox                          ’04                           Cheshire, Connecticut

                                                Brian McLaughlin                ’04                           North Easton, Massachusetts

                2002                        Steve Hunter                         ’02                           Chester, New York

                                                Nina Suryoutomo                 ’03                           Fremont, California

2001                        Paul Callahan                        '01                           Churchville, Pennsylvania

                                                Alexis Kostopoulos             '02                           Marblehead, Massachusetts

2000                        Brian O’Neill                         ’01                           Reno, Nevada

                                                Mike Wilt                              ’01                           Columbia, Connecticut

                                                Allyson Horgan                   ’99                           Haverhill, Massachusetts

                1999                        Kelly O’Meara                      ’99                           Mount Kisco, New York

                                                Kara Glynn                            ’00                           Branford, Connecticut

                                                Mike Wilt                              ’01                           Columbia, Connecticut

                1998                        Mary Beth Weston              ‘98                           Penn Valley, Pennsylvania

                                                Shannon Lents                     ‘01                           Boca Raton, Florida

                                                Kristen Gray                          ‘01                           West Boylston, Massachusetts

                                                Meg Galli                               ‘97                           Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

                1997                        Carrie Kirk                             ‘98                           Avon, Ohio

                                                Eric Malzone                         ‘99                           Saratoga, California

                1996                        Meg Galli                               ‘97                           Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

                                                Allyson Horgan                   ‘99                           Haverhill, Massachusetts

                1995                        Laurel Bernini                       ‘98                           HanoverNew Hampshire

                                                Scott Cornick                        ‘96                           Mill Creek, Washington

                                                Melissa McNamara              ‘96                           WinchesterMassachusetts

                1994                        Nick Irons                              ‘94                           Oklahoma CityOklahoma

                                                Robert Yap                            ‘94                           NorwalkConnecticut

                                                Tyler Zenner                         ‘94                           Fergus FallsMinnesota

                1993                        Mike Mangan                       ‘94                           CarlislePennsylvania

                                                Beverly Lazarski                   ‘93                           West ChesterPennsylvania

                                                Nick Satovick                        ‘94                           Salt Lake CityNevada

                1992                        Glynis Anderson                  ‘93                           Cos CobConnecticut

                                                Chris Arrascada                   ‘94                           RenoNevada

                                                Carl Giordano                        ‘95                           Belle MeadNew Jersey

                1991                        Bob Iacobucci                      ‘93                           CumberlandRhode Island

                                                Nick Satovick                        ‘94                           Salt Lake CityUtah

                                                Amy Matson                        ‘91                           IthacaNew York

                1990                        Dave Chernek                                                       Los AngelesCalifornia

                                                Craig Jones                           ‘91                           DarienConnecticut

                                                Amy Matson                        ‘91                           IthacaNew York

                                                Peter Sullivan                        ‘91                           ChelmsfordMassachusetts

                1989                        Catherine Lukas                   ‘90                           RiversideConnecticut

                                                Rob Strong                            ‘91                           WestportConnecticut

                                                Debbie Kuryak                     ‘90                           North TonawandaNew York

                1988                        Gillian Fucigna                      ‘89                           DouglastownNew York

                                                Mary Lebeau                        ‘89                           HoustonTexas

                                                Eric Welter                            ‘89                           PlymouthMinnesota

Lauren Keibler ‘04


Prospect, Kentucky