2004  Award Winners


The Schwartz - Excellence Award


We have played a game called “Schwartz” these past two seasons.  It was a game based on captain, Lauren Schwartz ’02.  It was a game that acknowledged what she was able to do for four years – that was strive for excellence.  Just like our school motto – Ever to Excel.  Lauren was an excellent butterflyer for Boston College.  In her four years at BC, in every practice she swam fly – always as it is supposed to be swum.  She did it always with the proper breathing pattern, always swimming into every turn, and always touching with two hands.  The results were as one would expect - no bad swims by Lauren Schwartz.  Always coming through with that swim the team needed.    Coaches expect and ask for the proper effort.  Coaches look for those athletes that give that special effort that produces those exceptional results.  I know that you seldom get more than you deserve. Most people who achieve deserve what they get.  Usually those that do not achieve – have not put in that additional effort.  They have not day after day strived for excellence.


That is what this Award is for – Excellence.  For the chance to acknowledge those team members past and present that did those things – those extra things – that caused them to be successful swimmers, leaders, students or people.



Kathleen Malloy                    ’84                   Fall River, Massachusetts


                I look for things in my present team that I liked from the past.  I always loved to watch Kathleen practice.  She was always devoted to her stroke work.  You would see her go up and down the pool working on her mechanics.  Her stroke in competition was beautiful and a fitting result of all the work she put into practice.  She was a great competitior in a number of events particularly the sprints, the breaststrokes and the IM.  With how well the whole team worked on stroke mechanics this year it made me think often of Kathy so at this time I want to give her this Award that acknowledges Excellence in Stroke Work at every practice – Thanks –Tom.


John Webber                          ’95                   Stamford, Connecticut


                To say the least, John was one of the most interesting swimmers I have had the pleasure to coach.  A strong personality and a booming voice always make for an interesting mix.  John came to BC after a very successful career at Fairfield Prep.  He was the true sprinter that every team needs.  He won the Harold M. Groden Award for Outstanding Performance three times.  As I said that third time “John winning this Award is not a big deal.  All you have to do is get the meet to come down to the last relay, then have the first three swimmers get us hopelessly behind – then John will win the race, the meet and another Groden Award.”  Despite that obvious talent what I want to recognize about John is the ability and the confidence that he had when it came to taper.  I saw a good number of kids this year work on some things during taper that seemed more like just fooling around – like those who went to the diving well to streamline. (It seemed to work).  Well John used to take over during taper.  He’d just grab the sprinters and head to the far side of the pool.  He would then use that “strong personality and booming voice” – the result was excellent sprint tapers.  So my Award for John is for Excellence in Taper. – Thanks – Tom


                Bob Vanasse                          ’82                   Trumbull, Connecticut


                Like John Webber, Bob Vanasse came to Boston College from Fairfield Prep.  Like John, he also came as a sprinter.  Bob was a three time MVP for the swimming program and he was also our first great sprinter.  Interestingly with Bob it did not even matter what the stroke was.  Back in the days when we hosted “The Boston College Co-Ed Relays” (which we now do as the Maroon-Gold relays some years), Bob actually had the fastest 50 split in all four strokes from that meet.  A team needs a great sprinter.  Bob made all our relays better along with the 50 and 100 freestyles.  He has been followed by a number of excellent sprinters – Aaron Thompson ’89, Todd Hewett ’90, Rob Strong ’91,  John Webber ’95 and even a few guys here today.  So today I offer this Award to Bob for Excellence in Sprints. – Thanks – Tom



                Chris Hawkins                        ’04                   Armonk, New York

            Caitlin Healey                        ’04                   Needham, Massachusetts

Lauren Keibler                       ’04                   Louisville, Kentucky

                Michelle Lane                        ’04                   East Grand Rapids, Michigan

            Andy Naumann                      ’04                   Tucson, Arizona

            Jim Russo                               ’04                   Andover, Massachusetts


                Sometimes when I see who the team votes for captain, I’ll be honest – I wind up scratching my head.  Not this time – boy did you guys do a great job of voting.  I have lunch every Monday during the season with the captains and every Monday I was impressed – but not surprised.  For the previous three seasons these six had done all that was expected of them – practices, meets, academics – and now they expected it of all of you.  I was impressed with how much they cared about the team and its successes.   I was impressed with how much they liked each other and liked both having lunch together and discussing the team.  I was always impressed with how it was always the team – first.   When I returned from Florida after ECAC’s I had one more lunch with Andy, Jim and Chris.  As I replayed the meet for Chris and Jim, they were as excited as if they had been there themselves.  I have told a hundred people who have asked me this year about my team – I tell them it was a great season and I owe a lot of that to my captains.  As I have said – Being captain is an honor for about ten minutes then it is a job.  This Award acknowledges the Excellence as Captains – a job well done – Thanks – Tom.



Past Schwartz Winners


2003        Sara Schwarz Groden           ‘76           Edina, Minnesota                                 Leadership

                Mary Kay Finnerty              ’76           Short Hills, New Jersey                       Leadership

                Lauren Schwartz                   ’02           Mount Laurel, New Jersey                 Quality of Practices

                Matt Baker                            ’03           Lakewood, Washington                     Teammate

                Nina Suryoutomo                 ’03           Fremont, California                              Teammate