Hi Tom,
Thanks so much for the email. I really enjoyed reading about past and current swimmers. I can’t believe how much your children have grown up. You have a beautiful family. I haven’t followed the sport at all since I graduated. The sport has gotten so fast.

As my mom told you, I have two boys ages 4 1/2 and 3. They are extremely active and never took naps since the day they were born. My oldest son has seen a lot of doctors in his short life. He has never been on the charts for weight and it has been tiring and stressful dealing with it. Three different “specialists” from both Children’s and Mass General want me to put a feeding tube in his stomach and I have refused to do it. There is nothing medically wrong with him except the fact that he is skinny.
The kids have kept me busy over the past few years. They both take swim lessons and both can swim with no floatations. Parents in the viewing area can’t believe it when they see them. They both also take Karate and go to pre-school on opposite days. I also plan to sign my oldest up for hockey. Since they don’t take naps, I like to keep them and me busy. When they are not at a program or playing with friends, they usually fight with each other.

I currently work at the Y in Reading teaching adult beginner swim lessons, a stroke technique class, and a deep water power workout. Before having kids, I worked in Boston and on the side I taught lessons to kids and adults. I had some awesome clients in Boston (Red Sox player’s kid, Bruin’s coaches wife, famous attorneys, etc) I really enjoy teaching water aerobic classes and adult swim lessons and I have a big following. It gets me out of the house a couple nights a week.

We did a ton of work at our house this year which was good and bad. We did an addition and we couldn’t have hired a worse contractor than the one we did. We had all sorts of issues. However, once he was gone, things got better. We put in a heated inground pool, basketball court, and landscaping. All of this just got finished last Friday. Next summer we will be up and running early and we can’t wait to enjoy the yard with our kids.

Please send along emails on BC swimming. I was so glad to read about Debbie Kuryak. I really liked her. Next time I am at BC, I will stop by. I sometimes come by with the kids and mooch lunch off my mother. It is so much harder to get in there now. The security is really tough. The school has changed and it is so much bigger and nicer as you know.

Thanks again for saying “hi.” Keep in touch.