Financial Aid at Boston College - as It Applies to Prospective Student-Athletes

Financial Aid is just that at BC - the process evaluates your need and Boston College meets that need - to a stated 100%. This is not a perfect process at any school and many candidates final decisions are tempered by what a school offers in Financial Aid.

Financial Aid is not affected by an applicant being a PSA's at Boston College. Some of our thirty-one varsity programs have scholarship money some do not. That money is disbursed at the decision of the head coach and athletic administrators based on athletic ability. However, varsity coaches have no say in the evaluation of an individuals financial aid offer. This is how it should be.

At some colleges and universities other factors may figure in to who recieves aid. Just as many things in life - someone may be more valuable to one school than another. There are women sitting on the end of the Stanford Swim bench who I (like many college coaches) would love to have as a star in my program - but that is where they chose to attend school. The same thought process applies to applicants to most every school regarding many pieces of the decisions that schools and their applicants face. Some schools will consider academic merit, athletic talent, a particular major, an applicants residence location and many other factors into a financial aid offer (whether they state it or not). These are all factors that schools can choose to include as they try to get the best incoming class each fall. BC is at a state where most of these are no longer a factor in evaluating applicants need. It just comes down to how a school wishes to induce high school seniors to attend their university. It is BC's choice and I am fine with that. I went through the process with both my daughters and they both chose to attend BC (neither swam in college). One of my daughters received an offer of full tuition to a school she never even contacted. All schools are free to make decisions based on their percieved needs

I was not even allowed to call Financial Aid until my daughters were applicants. They were not interested in the opinions of the swim coach - and honestly - I think that is how it should be.

Financial Aid - as it Applies to the Accepted to Boston College PSA

Every year I am contacted by parents of accepted applicants and their concern is the cost of Boston College (and colleges in general). The question is usually "Can you do anything?" or "What can I do?" or "Why is this other school offering more?" Here are my best answers.

"Can you do anything?" - The answer is a NO. It is Financial Aid based on what Boston College has determined your need to be. My thoughts are not sought nor evaluated in this process.

"What can I do?" - My answer to this has always been - Be a pleasant pest. All of these decisions are made by people evaluating numbers. There is always a range involved in these choices. Also as the days go by some of the people who maybe were offered funds chose another school. That does not mean that those particular funds are now available (as they figure that into their offers), but some adjustments may possibly be able to be made. If I was in their shoes, the person I might consider is the one who was the "pleasant pest" - not the noisy one.

"Why is this other school offering more?" - This one is actually answered as well as I can above from both an athletic, academic and financial standpoint. It just comes down to a school (as a business) trying to improve itself and doing it by making decisons on how it can best keep its clientele happy. Boston College is a great university which has made its many students over the years happy to be at BC - so I assume they are spending their funds wisely. BC is committed to Financial Aid - that was the part of their budget that received the largest increase in our 2013-14 fiscal year.

Thanks and best of luck in making the decision that faces you both wisely and what will make you and your family happy - for now and in the future.

Tom Groden