James C. Pollack [j.pollack@yahoo.com]




Thank you so much for the graduation note.  I can't believe I am finally out of school (almost).  I am now studying for the Massachusetts bar exam (set for July 25th and 26th).  Enclosed, please find a picture of me from graduation.


Congrats to your daughter on her graduation from B.C..  I have very wonderful memories of the B.C. graduation - particularly the Baccalaureate.


I don't know if you are aware, but Nick Riolo (2003) is getting married July 15th to his B.C. sweetheart Katie Horn (2003).  I am invited to the wedding, but too busy with the bar exam to make it to CaliforniaJack Beierle (2003) is also getting married in August.  I will send pictures from the wedding for the alumni webpage.  Jack, Matthias Schildwachter (2003), Matt Barbini (2003), Caitlin Healey (2004), Cindy Harrington (2005) (perhaps more) and I will be in attendance.


I recently saw Melissa Pierce (2003) and she is moving back to Texas to pursue some graduate schooling.  I was a little tipsy and don't remember the details, but it sounded interesting.


Enjoy the summer and hope to see you in the fall at all of these excellent ACC showdowns.


Jay Pollack

Jay Pollack Law Graduate