I hope all is well in Boston. I am somewhat sad that our BC Eagles are out of the NCAA basketball tournament.

The reason I am writing  is to see if you can help an old swimmer. I have been back in the pool, swimming 1 mile
every other day. In fact, I am swimming at the  Loyola College pool near my house. Two years ago, I put together a
team of six people to compete in the Nantucket Iron Team Relay. I am interested in competing again and would like your
help in recruiting team mates. My brother Gene who lives in Fairfield,Ct has agreed to do one leg of the relay and I would like to

do the swimming leg. Therefore we need four additional team mates. If possible, can you forward this email to your database

of BC swimmers and see if anyone is interested in participating on Sunday June 3rd. Thanks. 

Nantucket Iron Team Relays

Leg     Description                                            
1       Short Run 2.5 miles                                    
2       Paddle 1 mile
3       Beach Run with 20lb back pack 3.5 miles
4       Swim .5 miles and run .75 miles
5       Bike 19 miles
6       Run 6.5 miles

Kevin E. Kenny BC '86
office 410 547 5120
mobile 443 803 6519

Kenny, Kevin (BALTIMORE, MD) []