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Merry Christmas, everyone!! Sorry we never got out any Christmas cards, so this will have to suffice. We have both been crazy busy the last few weeks, with Lisa in the middle of next year's buys at
Nike, and FJ in two trials in the two weeks leading up to Christmas.
Here are a few pictures we've taken over the last couple days. We've had a wonderful Christmas--the perfect way to top off a wonderful
year. Gabriel is truly enjoying his first Christmas, as are we!
Calum and Rachael were with us over the weekend, so we had a pleasantly full house. On Sunday, all of us went to see a production of Beauty and the Beast at the Northwest Children's Theater, which all of us enjoyed. Gabe liked it so much he would start hollering at the actors, so we'd have to take him out! On Monday, Calum, Rachael and I went skiing for the first time this season, with 10 inches of new snow. Rachael was pretty timid in it, while Calum took off on his own to go ski "the steep stuff"---that's my boy!! Santa and all
of the extended family were very generous to us--Thank You! The
kids are thrilled with all of their new presents and toys, as are Lisa and I. Calum and Rachael are now off to Mexico with their mom to visit their grandparents. Lisa and I are off to Puerto Rico later today for 8 days of vacation--a surprise gift to Lisa.
We hope this finds all of you well and we wish you a wonderful and blessed Christmas and New Years.

All our love,
FJ, Lisa, Calum, Rachael and Gabriel

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