HI Tom! Thanks for your speedy reply! I forgot Erin was the same age as my Joe. Her first year was quite impressive. Congrats!!! Joe did pretty well both in and out of the classroom. He's on a baseball scholarship (he pitches) at Stonehill. Mike will be sophomore and Tim a senior. Both great students and very good athletes (but gave up their competitive goggles years ago). Billy is super too!

It was fun reading the alumni news. Didn't recognize too many names but saw that you still see Steve Pike. I was swimming with him down at Wheaton for awhile a few years ago. I also see Nancy and Mark (Gallivan) once in awhile at town swim meets.

A quick KEM (now I'm a KEG -ha) update...still a learning disabilities specialist for a special program in Boston for kids whose primary disability is emotional/behavioral. I do some high school officiating and swim technique coaching on the side. As you know I joined New England Masters swimming shortly after graduating from BC and haven't stopped competing since. I actually won 3 national titles at Y Masters Nats down in Ft. Lauderdale 3 years ago, doing some of my best masters' times (i.e. 1:07 in the 100 back). Then I had my little bout with cancer (Hodgkin's) and now am trying to get my muscle tone/strength back (chemo, radiation and steroids did a number on that) so I can be competitive again. My goal is to train hard and then travel to Austin, TX in early May to compete at nationals in what will be my new age group (50 - 54 - ugh!)! That's about it in a nutshell...Thanks!

I will let Olivia know she should contact you! Maybe I could bring her for a swim/visit before the summer is over???? Hope to see you soon! Kim