Who Gets Chosen For Official Visits at Boston College

Choosing which of the over 100 Prospective Student-Athletes that request an Official Visit can be a difficult choice. I am limited by both budget and available hosts. Here is an explanation of what goes into the process here at Boston College for picking which PSA's get offered Official Visits.

Academics - Boston College is amongst the hardest schools in the country to be accepted into. For every PSA we bring on campus we must get approval from the Admissions Office. They want to make sure that any one that we are hosting is a viable candidate. If we get that approval we are allowed to offer an Official Visit (or a Partial Official Visit). This does not mean that for every swimmer or diver that we invite for a visit will be accepted. It is an evaluation that basically says that the combination of your academics and your athletics may get you accepted. The complete evaluation comes through the full admissions process. We are not allowed to offer trips to students that Admissions evaluate and feel might struggle as a student here at Boston College.

Athletics - I evaluate the candidates times and scores and make a determination of the candidates versus our projected needs. Some times we may be weak in a particular event so we might invite more swimmers in that event for visits to try and make our team more balanced. Example - If a football team graduated their whole Offensive Line - they would be looking for incoming Offensive Lineman. This part of the evaluation is based solely on your athletic ability. I have to justify to my Administrator why I would invite a particular PSA for a visit. After all it is not my money that I am spending. We are looking for swimmers and divers that will make our team stronger.

Interest - Many candidates are similar. One category that often makes me choose one over the other is being able to evaluate an applicants interest in truly wanting to attend Boston College. I have three girls on my squad right now who just stood out to me in that way. Their emails seemed to indicate that interest and when they visited they personally indicated that interest. They were accepted and have been a great addition to the team both as swimmers and teammates. It does not matter how good an athlete that you are - if BC is not truly where you want to attend college.

I evaluate all the above and I make my decisions on whom to invite for Visits. I understand that you are going through an evaluation process yourself. If you find that your interest in BC has declined - please let us know. A PSA is allowed only five Official Visits - so don't waste one for yourself or a school. Conversely if your interest rises don't hesitate to tell any school about that. Choosing PSA's is not a black and white set in stone process for either side - make sure that if you are truly interested that you keep up the communication process. We can only know of your true interest when you express it to us. To be chosen to visit Boston College - all three of the above must be present - in a combination that merits BC spending the money to have you come spend 48 hours on campus. There are many applicants that could help the program but it comes down to a subjective evaluation of these candidates to determine which ones are most deserving of an offer of an Official Visit.

As always (and even on this some times tough subject) any questions please ask. I will always do the best job that I can to answer all questions honestly. My goal is always the same - to get a team of swimmers and divers who love where they go to school.

Tom Groden ~ ~ groden@bc.edu

Michael Stephens ~ ~ stephemd@bc.edu