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Chun-Ti Chen


PhD - UMass Worcester



Parasite division

Bradley Coleman


PhD - Harvard School of Public Health



Host cell invasion and egress



Rashmi Dubey

B.Tech - Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Deemed University, India

PhD student


IMCs and division


Bill Jacobus

Biology - Boston College




Pictur Klemens Engelberg

Klemens Engelberg

PhD - Bernhard Nocht Institute, Hamburg, Germany



Parasite Division

Picture Megan Farrell

Megan Farrell

BSc - University of New Hampshire

PhD student



Parasite Division



Elise Gray

MSc, UC Irvine

PhD student

Invasion and egress


Marc-Jan Gubbels

PhD, University Utrecht



Angela Lin

Physiology - BostonUniversity






Kelsey Maher

Biology - Boston College


Parasite Division - centrins


Sudeshna Saha

MS - University of North Bengal, India

PhD student


Invasion and egress

Jee In

Jee In Seo

Biology - Boston College


Invasion and egress

  Lab Alumni :

   Michael Antonchak - undergraduate student

Now: pre-med senior at Boston College

   Brian Benenati - undergraduate student

Now: graduated from Boston College

   Dave Faugno-Fusci - technician

Now: St. George's University School of Medicine

   Ryan Kennedy - undergraduate student

worked on cell division

Now: graduated from Boston College

   Alex Lorestani - science professional

worked on basal complex

Now: MD/PhD program New Jersey

   Brooke Anderson-White - graduate student

worked on IMC proteins

Now: post-doc with Matt Bogyo at Stanford

   Aziz Kosber - undergraduate researcher

worked on IMC proteins

Now: technician with Manoj Duraisingh at Harvard Scool of Public Health

   Chris Burgart - undergraduate researcher

worked on cell division

Now: graduated from BC

   Lauren Jammallo - undergraduate researcher

worked on Insertional mutagenesis and invasion

Now: Tufts Medical Scholl
previous: clinical research assistant II at Mass General Hospital

   Thiru - Post-doc

worked on host cell invasion and egress

Now: on job market

   Tomasz Szatanek - PhD student

worked on Cactin and its role in cell cycle arrest

Now: product scientist at Cell Signaling Technology

   F. Doug Ivey - Research Assistant Professor

worked on the MORN1 complex and its role in cell division

Now: Hampton Creek Foods

   Keith Eidell - Graduate Student

worked on invasion and egress

Now: scientist at Excellimmune Inc.

   Alex Lorestani - Technician & undergraduate researcher

worked on MORN1, IMC proteins, invasion mutants

Now: UMDNJ and researcher in lab of George Yap

   E.J. (John) McCarthy - undergraduate researcher

worked on MORN1 complex proteins

Graduated Boston College - Biology

   Katherine Cheng - undergraduate researcher

worked on IMC proteins

Now: Medical School New York Medical College
research technician at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

   Seth Robertson - techician

worked on MORN1

Now: enrollment coach at Northeastern University

   Justin Rowinsky - undergraduate researcher

worked on cell division

Now: research associate at Merck

Courtney Cronin - Undergraduate researcher

worked on MORN2 and insertional mutagenesis

MSc student at BU

   Nivedita Sahoo - post-doc

worked on the role of TgMORN1 in division and cytoskeleton assembly

now researcher at Abexome Biosciences, Bangalore, India

   Kevin Yang - graduated BSc

worked on functional characterization of TgMORN1

Now: Medical Student Tufts Medical School

   Jayme Flynn - graduated MSc

worked on genetics of division mutants

Now: Clinical Research Coordinator Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Center for Head and Neck Oncology

   Larissa Muething - graduated BSc

worked on MORN2

Now: University of Toledo Medical School
previous: technician/trainee at Critical Care Medicine at Cincinnati Children's Hospital

  Thomas Burke - graduated BSc

worked on parasite invasion

Now: Graduate School in Chicago

  Ellen van Agtmaal - MSc - intern Wageningen University, the Netherlands

worked on DNA repair in Toxoplasma

Now: post-doc Nijmegen Centre for Molecular Life Sciences
PhD program Sanquin, Amsterdam, with Dr. Jan Voorberg

  Christina Caruso (BSc) - worked on ROP16, BC graduate

  Johathan Hopp - Technician, now at the Broad Institute