Europe during the French Revolution, 1799

This is the completely labelled map for the period following the expansion brought about by the wars of the French Revolution. Study the map carefully as a guide to locating the individual states and to answer the following historical questions

1. What geographical territories has the French Republic captured and annexed to France?

2. Locate the French satellite Batavian Republic. What is its modern name?

3. Locate the French satellite Helvetifc Republic. What is its modern name?

4. Locate the Rhine River. What is its relationship to the new French boundaries?

5. What has happened to the Holy Roman Empire? What states have enlarged themselves out of it?

6. What states have partioned Poland among themselves by 1799? Which state obtained Warsaw?

7. Locate the area of Napoleon's unsuccessful campaign in 1798-99 Can you suggest why it failed?

8. List the four French satellite republics created on the Italian Peninsula.

9. What has happened to the ancient Papal States?

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