Europe after the Congress of Vienna, 1815

On this completed map of Europe after the Peace Settlement, learn in particular the areas acquired by the victor nations.

1.How do the boundaties of France in 1815 compare with those of 1763? with those of 1799?

2.Why would the peacemakers have created the new state of the United Netherlands? What modern states does it include?

3.Why was Piedmont-Sardinia created? What states had been in that area before?

4. One of the biggest winners at the Congress of Vienna was Prussia. What territories did Berlin acquire and why those?

5. Another big winner was the Austrian Empire. What territories did she gain?

6. What is unusual about Prussia and Austria's membership in the "German Confederation?"

7. The Russian Empire also came out a winner. What were the two big gains she obtained?

8. Denmark was a big loser. What land was taken away from Copenhagen and given to another state? Which one?

9. Rejecting impassioned calls to restore the Kingdom of Poland, the Congress did compromise by creating a small Independent Polish state around the city of Cracow. Note the location of this so-called "Congress Poland."

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