Europe in 1831

On this completed map of Europe after the Revolutions of 1830, learn in particular the areas which sought independence (or unification with others of the same ethnic heritage), and the two new countries which succeeded in gaining its independence

1.By 1831, three new states had appeared on the map, two of them because of a new division of an artifical state created in 1815.

2.Another successful revolt was staged by the Greeks. From whom did they gain their independence.

3.Poland experienced a failed revolution. What countries controlled Poland and which ones were responsible for suppressing the revolution.

4. Queen Victoria inherited the throne of the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland in1 1837, but as a woman she could not inherit the throne of Britain's German possession. Locate and name that German state.

5. Examining the map, in 1831, what two major European nationalities were divided up among numerous small states?

6. Locate the new European colony in North Africa. Who had ruled it before?

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